The first stage of aging starts from the bones… to replenish kidney energy and rejuvenate

As we get older, many of us feel dizzy and weak, easily fatigued, with cold hands and feet, pain and backache, depression, no longer sense youthfulness and vitality. From the TCM point of view, the main cause of functional deterioration is the lack of physical energy and blood flow. According to Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu, aging starts from the bones because bones are innate to the human body, while the kidneys are the main bones and kidney qi is the basis of life. In order to nourish the bones, one must nourish the kidney.

Heart-kidney syncretism, bone marrow degeneration, hematopoiesis

Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu pointed out that because of the heart-kidney intersection, once the bones degenerate and the bone marrow degenerates, not only the bone density will drop and lead to osteoporosis, because the bone marrow and hematopoietic function are related, if the bone marrow of the hematopoietic and blood production place degenerates, it will cause blood shortage, and then the heart blood circulation will be poor, so that there will be mitral valve, tricuspid valve prolapse, blood vessel narrowing, the brain blood shortage and make the brain blood oxygen shortage, the liver blood shortage and appear cirrhosis.

“The first barrier to aging is the bone! Dr. Lee Sheng- Pu said that teeth are the residue of bone and menstruation is the residue of blood, therefore, kidney qi will be manifested in the teeth. Sensitive and cavity-prone, it will also lead to hormonal deficiencies, insufficient saliva, menstruation and semen; and aging of the tendons, leading to the development of If the endocrine system dries up, the tendons will become more rigid and the muscular system will deteriorate.


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Aging! Symptomatic treatment with Chinese medicine for kidney health

Therefore, Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu believes that the ageing caused by kidney insufficiency should be treated with kidney nourishing drugs; clinically, there is an old woman who has already developed an S-shaped spine and is crutched by cane. She even had to carry an oxygen cylinder because of insufficient oxygen in her blood. As a result, with the use of Chinese medicine to nourish her kidney, this old lady no longer needed to use an oxygen cylinder. Another man who needed a liver transplant had thalassaemia and uremia with renal failure, and his condition also improved with the use of hematopoietic drugs to replenish kidney qi.

Dr. Lee admires Lao Tzu’s way of life! He said that Lao Tzu wanted people to be “weak in heart, solid in belly, weak in will, and strong in bones”, that is, to be able to have bones and make them strong. But the sinews must be supple, and the belly must be full of knowledge, and the mind must be open to instruction, in order to be able to use up all the energy of the body; and it is not in age that a man ages. How to obey God and use your body prudently so that aging will not come too early.

As for Lao Tzu’s statement that “a man is weak in life and strong in death”, Dr. Lee explained that in nature, plants and trees grow and die when their branches and leaves are soft, while they wither away when they die.  In other words, the way of health of Lao Tzu is to have a soft personality and soft tone of voice, so that not only one’s own comfort, but also the comfort of the people around him; and this means that we should not be too strong, and we can practice tai chi, yoga and stretching to relax the body and make ourselves soft.

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