SP Joint Renew

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You'll earn 8-12 SP Reward Points for this item!
You'll earn 8-12 SP Reward Points for this item!
  • Reduces body and muscle soreness
  • Promotes healthy blood circulation, strengthens tendons and bones
  • Mitigates joint pain and improves body mobility
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Product Description

Healthy hands and feet, healthy bones, strong bones

SP Joint Renew

Forecasting the weather, are your knees more accurate than the weather station?


Exercise, accidents, old injuries, overwork or busy with household chores, with age, Qi and blood deficiency, when the weather changes, it will not be able to resist the cold wind and dampness, the problem stagnates in old injuries or joints, it will cause soreness and paralysis. Even at a young age, prolonged mobile phone sliding, 3C use, workstation posture, poor sitting posture, etc., will cause stagnation of Qi and blood, plus the air conditioning at work or home all day, resulting in the circulation of Qi and blood is not smooth, or due to the different physique of the individual, have muscles, bones, limbs soreness, rheumatic pain and other symptoms, is a common civilizational problem of modern people.

What is SP Joint Renew ?

SP Joint Renew is a natural and pure Chinese herb extracted from noble herbs with no obvious side effects. It can treat the symptoms of sore limbs and joint pain caused by wind, cold and dampness in the body. When the back, legs, knees, etc. are in pain from cold water or cold air, they will feel tight and painful when they do flexion and extension. Good for sore limbs, rheumatism pain, good relief and help. Take it as directed, and pay attention to diet and proper exercise to keep your muscles healthy, hands and feet flexible, go up and down stairs, bend over and get up to rejuvenate yourself.



If the positive qi of the human body is deficient, the defending qi of the limbs and joints (the defending soldier, stationed in the joints and orifices of the whole body) will be deficient, so the six qi of heaven and earth (especially the wind, cold and damp qi, or the modern habit of working during the day, sleeping at night and blowing the air conditioner all day long) will not breathe in through the nostrils of the human body, but invade through the orifices of the body.

What can SP Joint Renew do for me?

◎ Reduces body and muscle soreness

◎ Promotes healthy blood circulation, strengthens tendons and bones

◎ Mitigates joint pain and improves body mobility

What people are more likely to have rheumatism?

  • Commuters, 3C lowheads –
    Prolonged leaning forward, bending over, poor sitting, standing and sleeping postures, resulting in soreness
  • Newly Aged Silverheads –
    Insufficient or degraded air circulation, inflexible hands and feet on the upper and lower floors and in cars
  • Accidental Injury Group –
    Accidents, sports injuries or sprains that have not healed, chronic aches and pains over time
  • Overworked or indulgent people –
    Excessive depletion of liver, kidney, qi and blood, not nourishing the muscles and bones, weakness and soreness in the lower back and knees
  • Married people –
    Chronic soreness and discomfort caused by household chores or improper posture or overexertion in carrying children
Rheumatism, sore muscles and bones, and swollen joints are all related to excessive physical exertion and lack of vitality.

Insufficient energy causes pain and soreness in the muscles and bones.

The human body is as shallow as skin and as deep as bones, and it may be violated by evil qi, and a lack of body qi will easily hurt the muscles and bones, because the human body’s muscles and bones are protected by heat, and can run and jump normally without wear and tear, all because of the energy of the tissue fluid in the state of gas regulation, just like a car with lubricating oil, the joints and muscles rely on the air in the operation.


Inadequate chi, lumbar spine and knee joints are most vulnerable.


“Rheumatism, soreness and pain in the muscles and bones are due to a lack of positive energy! “, Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu pointed out that because the positive qi could not fill up the tissue space, it was invaded and moved in by the outside wind, cold and humidity. When tissues are full, they lose their natural protection and are not lubricated, making them vulnerable to injury. As for rheumatoid arthritis, it is most common in the fingers and fingers; therefore, it is important to strengthen positive chi and eliminate cold so that joints are not easily damaged.

Pure natural oriental herbs, giving you peace of mind and gentle care


The basic idea of Chinese medicine is to blend a variety of natural herbs into a complex formula to achieve a truly comprehensive healing effect.

SP Joint Renew is a combination of Dr. Lee Sheng-pu’s 50-plus years of medical practice, combining the “Essential Prescription for Emergencies” with clinical experience to enhance the taste of his heart and blood, using Douliho, Gentiana Macrophylla, Gentianae Macrophylla, Ginseng and Ginseng to dispel cold and dampness, Du Zhong and Niu Knee to nourish the muscles and bones of the lower back and knees, parasitic and fine pith to nourish the muscles and bones and dispel rheumatism, Chuanxiong, Guixin and Angelica to nourish the Yang and blood, move Qi and dispel wind, revitalize blood stasis, white peony to nourish blood, Poria to move water and heat, ginseng and cooked dihuang to nourish blood and soothe yin and tonify Yuan Qi, Licorice to combine with other medicines to remove all toxins.Combined with other medicines, it can nourish Qi and blood, benefit the liver and kidneys, dispel wind and dampness, stop paralysis and pain, dispel wind, cold and dampness in the body, make the limbs not paralyzed, stretch and bend freely without pain, help the circulation of Qi and blood, strengthen the muscles and bones.

Product Designer - Dr. Lee Sheng-pu

If a person is subject to the six qi of nature, then from the skin to the bones will be attacked by evil qi, which will affect the human body and cause rheumatism; therefore, it is necessary to nourish the body and warm the kidneys to warm the vital organs and expel the evil qi from the cold and damp wind in order to avoid rheumatism.

For those who have not yet developed rheumatism, they should pay attention to their diet, maintain their daily exercise habits, and whenever there is a deficiency (what is meant by deficiency – after an accident, after giving birth to a woman, after bleeding from a car accident, after working excessively, after sweating profusely, and when people have different losses, they should prevent it beforehand), they should be most careful with their sleep or diet, and should not be invaded by rheumatic cold and heat.Avoid eating any food that is not cold. If it is slightly affected, prevention is more important than cure.

How to take it?

Adults can take 6 capsules each time, three times a day, before and after meals can take warm water. Those who like wine can also serve it with warm wine. For those with mild illnesses, once a day in the morning and evening, with children decreasing in age. For those who are seriously ill or have large body tonnage, you can increase the dosage by 10 to 12 capsules per dose, or 6 to 8 capsules once every 4 hours.

  • For example, after delivery, when the body is weak, the initial rheumatism is infected, and when the pain begins, the medicine is taken at the first moment, it can be cured quickly.
  • For chronic rheumatism and joint pain, take “SP Joint Renew “.

Product FAQ

More exercise is heard to increase blood circulation, what can be done? Or needs attention?

During the recovery period, you can exercise outdoors to improve blood circulation and nutrients, and to promote the recovery of various tissues. However, it is important not to drink low-temperature water or beverages after exercise, as the rapid cooling of the body temperature will decrease blood circulation and cause blood vessels to constrict and stiffen, which will easily cause exercise injuries and affect the burning and decomposition of fats and proteins, thus laying the foundation for future pain in joints and rheumatism.

What do women or overworkers need to be aware of in their daily lives while taking it?

When you are tired from intercourse, menstruation, childbirth, sweating, work or housework, you should not blow the air conditioner, pour cold water on the body or lift heavy objects, etc. when the human body is weak. Avoid overexertion, get enough rest, go to bed early, get up early and increase appropriate exercise. Postpartum and postmenstrual women are especially vulnerable to back, leg and knee problems if they fall or lift heavy objects in accidents without proper care and when wind, cold and dampness invade.

Chinese medicine practitioners use some complementary therapies, apart from taking SP Joint Renew, what else can be done to help?

During the acute phase, you should rest more and should not exercise reluctantly. In the recovery phase, physical therapy, such as warm cloth compress or hot spring treatment, can be used to strengthen the muscles and increase physical strength, to prevent muscle atrophy, joint hardening and deformation, but also should not be forced to walk recklessly with knee pain, resulting in the deterioration of the disease.

What should I pay attention to or refrain from eating and drinking during the period of use?

Don’t eat cold food or eat bamboo shoots sparingly to avoid damaging your stomach. This is because the coldness of the stomach and intestines will not allow food to be fully absorbed, and the lack of positive energy is the main reason why external evil invades easily. In addition, you should not eat or drink heavily during the Chinese New Year.

How do I take SP Joint Renew? Effectiveness and how to take it at different ages and body types?

Adults should take 6 capsules 3 times a day with warm water before or after meals, or with warm wine for those who like wine; for mild cases, take it once a day in the morning and once a day in the evening. It is effective in tonifying Qi and blood, benefiting the liver and kidney, expelling wind-dampness, and relieving pain; if you are weak, anemic, or have poor metabolism, please consult your doctor to make adjustments according to your constitution.

Can women who are pregnant or breastfeeding take it?

Please consult your Chinese medicine practitioner or healthcare provider.

Can I take other medicines or supplements at the same time if I take Sheng-Pu Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Please consult your herbalist or healthcare provider for other products.

Can I adjust the amount I take on my own? Can it be paired with juice or milk?

Please follow the instructions and take with warm boiled water.

I read a lot of single herbal supplements on the internet, why does Sheng-Pu Traditional Chinese Medicine use a combination of herbs?

Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes the use of a combination of medicines, and the effect of a compound prescription is better than a single prescription.

Why are the pills black? Why do you have to eat so many at once?

Since the ingredients are all-natural herbs and half of the pill’s ingredients are honey which is used as a formulating agent, please take it according to its properties and calculate the dosage to achieve the best efficacy. Honey is the best preservative and binder in nature, traditional Chinese medicine is made by combining herbs and honey and baking them into pills to safely extend the shelf life, the pills will only look black, please take it without any worries.

Additional information


255 pills half month supply, 525 pills 1 month supply


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  • Radix Angelicae Pubescentis
  • Ramulus Taxilli
  • ECortex Eucommiae
  • Radix Cyathulae
  • Herba Asari
  • Radix Gentianae Macrophy llae
  • Poria
  • Ramulus Cinnamomi
  • Radix Saposhinkoviae
  • Rhizoma Chuanxiong
  • Radix Ginseng
  • Radix Glycyrrhizae
  • Radix Angelicae Sinensis
  • Ramulus Cinnamomi
  • Radix Rehmanniae Preparate
  • Rhizoma Gastrodiae
  • Mel


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