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You'll earn 19-77 SP Reward Points for this item!
  • To help you get back on your feet after a period of exhaustion
  • Knee weakness, bladder weakness, kidney insufficiency, and intercourse disorders
  • Strengthens the spirit, nourishes the blood, strengthens the muscles and bones
  • Gives you the courage and energy you need

Product Description

Happy day and night

SP Pen-Long Pill

The Treasure to Staying Young

Physical changes with aging include poor digestion, cold limbs, frequent urination, diminished memory, low energy level, and physical vitality, etc. It’s better to prevent or slow down these changes as early as possible.

What is SP Pen-Long Pill ?

The Pen-long pill is a health supplement researched and developed by Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu after years of clinical experiment. Made from deerhorn glue as well as several other medicinal herbs, it is effective yet mild and can be taken year-round to replenish your energy and improve the wellness of your body.





Pen-Long pill can help promote healthy blood circulation in the whole body, it’s good for cold limbs, low physical vitality, muscle soreness, and frequent urination. In Chinese medicine, these symptoms are caused by diminished kidney functions.

What can SP Pen-Long Pill do for me?

◎ To help you get back on your feet after a period of exhaustion
◎ Knee weakness, bladder weakness, kidney insufficiency, and intercourse disorders
◎ Strengthens the spirit, nourishes the blood, strengthens the muscles and bones
◎Gives you the courage and energy you need

Only the pearl on the top of the spot dragon can mend the blood of the jade hall

The deer has been known as “spotted dragon” since ancient times, and in Chinese medicine, it is also known as “spotted dragon”. It is written in an ancient book, “A deer and a dragon play together, and they must have different horns, so the deer is called a dragon; and a deer has stripes, so it is called a spot. It is called “Spotted Dragon” because its horns are square. There is also a poem that says, “Only a pearl on top of a spotted dragon can mend the blood of a jade hall. Deer antler extract can nourish the kidney and strengthen the vital essence, giving you unlimited energy!


Strengthen your spirit, nourish qi and blood, and benefit your muscles and bones, SP Pen-Long Pill is the strongest support for your energy!

SP Pen-Long Pill gives you good energy

Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu has been selling crystals for 50 years in Taiwan, and is manufactured in a GMP pharmaceutical plant in Taiwan.


Let you be a man with your head held high!


  • No more overwhelming energy
  • Strong and ready to go!
  • Confidence is what makes you cool and enjoy the good life.

Pure natural oriental herbs, giving you peace of mind and gentle care

Physical soreness is caused not only by wind and dampness but also by body weakness. Pen-long pill, made of Lu Jiao Shuang and several herbs of high quality.

SP Pen-long pill is all-natural and good for both men and women and is the best dietary supplement for winter. Feeling tired all the time? Let Pen-long pill refill your energy levels!


Product Designer - Dr. Lee Sheng-pu

The most fatal injury of men is their inability to control their use of energy, which is why they need a kidney tonic, SP Pen-Long Pill, to help you live your life to the fullest.

Pains and aches in your body are not always caused by arthritis; it is in fact a sign indicating the deterioration of your physical health. If not dealt with quickly and effectively, it may result in the decline of your overall health. By replenishing your Qi and revitalizing your energy, you can prevent the coldness of your hands and feet and the soreness of your body.

The pill can restore your pelvic area, or the center of your Qi, relax your body, nourish your vitality, promote the flow of energy, and invigorate your blood circulation. It is a natural supplement passed down from ancient times and is suitable for both men and women. The pill can strengthen your knees, calm your overactive bladder, overcome kidney deficiency, revitalize your sexual performance, and prevents bone spurs, osteoporosis and sciatica. The pill can also serve as a supplement for the elderly in the winter, which can prevent the progressive degeneration of muscles and provide them with energy.


Targeted users: Anyone who suffers from soreness, dizziness, physical weakness, weakness in limbs and tiredness.

How to take it?

  •  Health: 7-9 pills before going to bed or before bedtime.
  • treatment: morning and evening before serving 10-14 pills.

Product FAQ

I am diabetic and have to watch my carbohydrate (carbohydrate) intake in my diet, so how many servings of carbohydrates does honey equal in a day’s worth of medicine?

The SP Pen-Long Pill should be taken in 14 capsules on day 1 for a total of 1.58 grams of honey, which is about 1/3 of the amount of sugar cubes and 1/10 of the amount of carbohydrates (1 serving at 15 grams).
Source: National Diabetes Observatory ROC (Taiwan) Diabetes Society Diabetes Diet Carbohydrate Counting (CHO counting)

Still a bit resistant to taking the medication, after all, worrying about the side effects…

All of Sheng-Pu products are pure Chinese medicine and contain no western medicine, with fewer side effects.

Can SP Pro-Liver Pills and Pro-Liver Powder be used together with SP Pro-Circulation Pill? If I already use SP Pen-Long Pill , can I also use SP Pro-Liver Pills or Pro-Liver Powder?

SP Pro-Liver Pills, Pro-Liver Powder takes with SP Pro-Circulation Pill that can promote circulation and promote blood circulation are more effective.
If you are already using Pen-Long Pill, you can take SP Pro-Liver Pills or Pro-Liver Powder loose in the morning and Pen-Long Pill in the evening.

Can women who are pregnant or breastfeeding take it?

Please consult your Chinese medicine practitioner or healthcare provider.

Can I take other medicines or supplements at the same time if I take Sheng-Pu Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Please consult your herbalist or healthcare provider for other products.

Can I adjust the amount I take on my own? Can it be paired with juice or milk?

Please follow the instructions and take with warm boiled water.

I read a lot of single herbal supplements on the internet, why does Sheng-Pu Traditional Chinese Medicine use a combination of herbs?

Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes the use of a combination of medicines, and the effect of a compound prescription is better than a single prescription.

Why are the pills black? Why do you have to eat so many at once?

Since the ingredients are all-natural herbs and half of the pill’s ingredients are honey which is used as a formulating agent, please take it according to its properties and calculate the dosage to achieve the best efficacy. Honey is the best preservative and binder in nature, traditional Chinese medicine is made by combining herbs and honey and baking them into pills to safely extend the shelf life, the pills will only look black, please take it without any worries.

Additional information


2000 Pills ★Event Sale★, 3000 Pills ★Event Sale★, 206 pills half month supply, 500 pills 1 month supply refill pack, 1000 pills 2 month refill pack

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