What should I do if I have an upset stomach? Stomach Refreshment Method

Nowadays, people are very busy, so their meals are often irregular, which makes their stomachs suffer, and they are prone to the problem of acid reflux. Reflux is a pathological phenomenon reflected in gastrointestinal problems, and the underlying gastrointestinal problems should not be ignored. Chinese medicine doctors reiterate that the stomach needs stomach acid, and if the suppression of stomach acid is only a temporary relief of the illusion, Chinese medicine to regulate gastrointestinal disorders from the whole, from the qi The pharmaceutical companies must first ensure that the ingredients are not harmful to the body, not carcinogenic, not harmful to the liver and gastrointestinal tract, and not acid-forming agents, in order to avoid one-sided solutions. It is not a problem to create other problems.

A good stomach has to do with epsom salts in the five elements..

In Chinese medicine, the five elements are important for the treatment of illnesses and the maintenance of good health, and a good stomach is related to the five elements of earth (Wuji). Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu explain, “A-B is wood, wood produces fire, which is Bing-Ding; fire produces earth, which is Eu-Ji; earth produces metal, which is Geng-Xin; metal produces water, which is Noni-Deci. Ten heavenly stems, and the middle of the five elements is earth. Therefore, to understand the stomach, the most important thing is to understand oneself, as the stomach is the most central point in the body. When the heart is always in the stomach, the stomach will be healthy, and when fortune is good, there is “self” and the heart is always in the stomach. If you know how to do it, you don’t have to take medication, and you take it only as a last resort.


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Keep your mind on your stomach, and it will stay healthy.

When he was a child, Dr. Lee had acid reflux, even up to his nose, and suffered from chest tightness and shortness of breath. Stomach acid reflux. Dr. Lee said that although he started meditating when he was young, he was not able to reach the top level and his comprehension was not as good as he should have been. If you put your attention on your stomach, and put your mind on your stomach before you go to sleep, your stomach will naturally be healthy.


The disease comes in through the mouth. Don’t overeat and drink, starting with your diet.

Secondly, do not overeat, Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu pointed out that overeating how will be healthy, all of a sudden too hot, too icy, too spicy or too acidic, the body is made of steel can not; therefore, adjust their lives to start from the diet, the so-called harm from the mouth disease into the mouth, to control what to eat, do not control of course unhealthy.

Be conscious of what you eat and the temperature.

Eating too fast can also lead to problems, Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu further pointed out that some people only care about the taste, eat as much as they can, and their body needs to function. Have common sense about what you eat, the nutrition and temperature you eat, even if you drink soup, too much soup, too much water in your stomach, drainage function Also take care of. Chinese medicine says that earth can be grinded water, but too much water, the body’s mechanism will also be flushed, so drink water to restraint, water temperature should also be controlled.

Putting “my” and “self” together makes for a healthy stomach.

Dr. Lee emphasized that the operation of the gastrointestinal system is not only the stomach, but also whether the blood circulation of the heart is good or not is also very important, as soon as a person is full, he or she will feel depressed and want to sleep on drugs. This means that the body is not functioning properly, and it may be due to over-eating, blood going to the stomach and intestines, and a lack of energy, you must close your eyes for 10 minutes. A poor stomach and intestines must be due to a lack of attention to oneself; therefore, “oneself” means to close one’s eyes and rest, keep one’s mind on the stomach, and always put “my” and “self” together in order for the stomach to be healthy.

Good appetite, good digestion, good blood circulation and good body circulation.

Dr. Lee, who is nearly 80 years old, said that since he put his heart in his stomach, he has not had any stomach disease or acid reflux for 50 to 60 years. In the case of the chest, occasionally when the chest is stuffy, take a little bit of the medicine will be good. Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu believes that whether the gastrointestinal health, qi is very important, will be oppressive and stomach acid reflux, that is, blood circulation is not good, the body qi is not smooth. In other words, one should only eat as much as one is able to function well and eat less if one is not able to function well. For those who work hard, their meals are delicious, but for the rich, a meal of several thousand dollars does not necessarily taste good, because they have good appetite and digestion. Even expensive food is enjoyable to eat, and the taste of it is important to your health.

Stomach and intestines must be in good health… and the five elements must be in good health.

In Chinese medicine, the magic of the Ten Heavenly Stems and the Five Elements is that “self” is the most crucial in life, as explained by Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu; and If the five elements are in good shape, the stomach will be healthier, and life will be happier and more harmonious. The key in life is harmony; a good stomach is easy-going, not too easy-going, and not too easy-going. Therefore, people with a healthy stomach and intestines are more amiable, while those who are of earthy origin are more harmonious in comparison.

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Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu analysis of the spleen and stomach is not only the stomach, nutrition to the small intestine, heart and lungs and tissues, to the large intestine to produce gas is the gastric meridian, are interactive, so the treatment of stomach acid, if only to control the stomach acid is not enough, gastrointestinal gas is the treatment of the entire digestive system, not just the treatment of stomach acid but the gastrointestinal gas flow and nutrition is smooth, the whole body interaction is good, in order to balance the overall health.

The greatness of Chinese medicine is holistic. It’s not just about illness, it’s about health.

Stomach acid reflux can not be cured only by making acid, just like anesthesia, and Chinese medicine treats reflux not only the stomach, but the whole disease. Perspective. The Chinese medicine practitioner does not only look at the acid reflux, but also the overall needs of the whole body, because the whole body needs to work together. The greatness of TCM is holistic, not just looking at the stomach and intestines, only talking about ulcers, but to take into account the whole body’s blood circulation.

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