What’s wrong with bad eyes? The liver is the first thing that needs to be done to make the eyes shine

Taiwan is known as the kingdom of myopia, and the frequent use of 3C products in modern times has contributed to eye related pathologies and even a trend towards younger people. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that bad eyes have a lot to do with the lack of qi and blood in the liver; according to the Jin Pao Zhen Yan Lun, “the orifices are opened in the eyes, and the essence is stored in the liver”, which points out that the energy needed by the eyes comes from the liver, and if the liver blood is insufficient, the eyes will easily become tired and the vision will fade. Therefore, if you want to improve your eyesight, you must first take good care of your liver in order to prevent eye related diseases.

The five organs correspond to the five senses, and the liver is strongly related to the eyes.

Why are bad eyes and liver blood deficiency related? The liver has a deep study of Chinese medicine doctor Lee Sheng-pu pointed out that the five organs and the five senses are corresponding, if the liver is not good, then the eyes are only the soul, no soul, lost soul from the eyes can be seen; eyes are also the expression of vital energy, is the expression of energy and soul. For example, men and women look at the right eyes, will produce hormones and love, and some people can not see to eat can not do, will lead to hate, can be seen from the eyes.

Dr. Lee Sheng-pu further pointed out that the liver is a chemical organ, there will be changes at any time and place, the eyes are overworked, often look at the screen and electronic products, often the liver will affect the chemical changes; therefore, the eyes should always look at green living plants, this static life can make the liver quiet sedimentation, and can stabilize the nutritional metabolism, because the liver and the eyes have a strong relationship.

The eyes and the liver are wood, and there is photosynthesis, so meditation starts with the eyes to nourish the liver.

Why can use the eyes to help the liver recovery? Dr. Lee Sheng-pu explained that ordinary people rely on sleep, is to sleep a few hours, a few points to sleep, this is only part of; people in sleep to eye and heart dialogue, the eye is wood, liver is wood, wood is a plant, trees and light will produce photosynthesis, the liver will also have photosynthesis, sleep will also absorb light waves, the pupil will dilate.

A healthy person must have a good liver, and his eyes must be bright and soft, and he is very friendly. Dr. Lee Sheng-pu said that the Vajra Sutra and meditation are about nourishing the liver from the eyes! If you want to protect your eyes, you have to have a decent and good heart to focus with your eyes, and your body will have good chemistry in nutrition; and the degeneration of eyes is the chemical degeneration of liver, long cancer and physical disease is the chemical degeneration of liver.

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Many diseases are caused by the deterioration and disorder of the liver. Treatment by cultivating the liver’s digestive enzymes

Dr. Lee Sheng-pu stressed that many diseases are related to the deterioration and disruption of the liver, the liver is like a tree, like a human bank, is a very important regulating organ, the liver is good then the heart’s kinetic energy stable, will not lack of nutrition, nor too much, because the liver will store. Cardiovascular stenting at the age of fifty is because the liver does not have enough blood quality; cholesterol and triglycerides are too high, making the blood vessels stuck with oil because of poor metabolism of nutrients; sclerosis of the skin and blood vessels due to sclerosis, fibrosis of the lungs and easy to catch a cold are all related to the liver, so the liver should be treated to cultivate the liver’s digestive enzymes and promote metabolism.

If you take care of your liver and eyes, you will have a happy life with a high degree of adaptation.

The liver is a very important organ of the immune system, Dr. Lee Sheng-pu said, if the liver is not good, it is easy to fatigue and anger, the spleen is not good liver fire, the eyes are not good; eat cold diarrhea, eat fried will be on fire, cold is also afraid, hot is also afraid, fatigue has dark circles under the eyes, dry eyes is due to the slow metabolism of the liver. The liver must be able to adapt to any environment because it is a regulating organ that can dissipate heat and increase nutrient combustion in the body. In ancient Chinese medicine, the liver is considered to be the hub, the regional regulator, and meditation is to adjust the body chemistry, do not think, the heart and eyes focus can make the body generate heat, vitality of the liver, the eyes will be flexible, but also can make you have a high degree of adaptation to a happy life.

A healthy liver gives you the energy you need to live life to the fullest!

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