“The Silent Killer” offensive and defensive battle. The Chinese doctor takes a look at liver quality.

Facebook, IG once opened, most often popped into the eyes is Po good Po full of food photos, when people’s lives after the affluence, food choices appear to be diverse and rich, but for “eating”, but also become unbridled, without restraint, so the life style of Chinese doctors have to remind, long-term maintenance of such eating habits, careful of your “liver” is silently depleted.

There is no reason why liver disease is called the “silent killer”, except that liver cancer was once the number one cancer death in Taiwan for a long time and remains the third highest cancer death in the world until today. The liver usually works quietly, “if it doesn’t ring, it’s already alarming when it does”, the nerve distribution of the liver is low, and it is often too late to detect abnormalities.

Liver disease authoritative Chinese physician Lee Shenpu said that a person’s liver health is unhealthy, as can be seen from daily habits and subtle changes in the body, it is just that modern people’s busy lives, coupled with most people’s reliance on Western medicine digital reports, it is easy to miss the initial remedial time.

The function of the liver is very different from that of the East.

The liver is compared to a general’s officer, who is mainly responsible for commanding, planning and defending the body, which is slightly different from the “liver” referred to by Western medicine.

Lee explains that the liver is an organ that performs “chemical reactions” and enables the body to metabolize, supply and control various nutrients needed by the body, and help cells to replace the old with the new.

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Irregular living is the main cause of liver damage

For example, if you can’t resist the temptation of food, you’ll be “full to the throat”, which is the first step to deplete your liver. Lee Shampo said.

The Yellow Emperor’s Nei Jing says, “If a person lies down, the blood returns to the liver. From a Chinese medicine practitioner’s point of view, from 11pm to 3am, blood flows through the liver and bile, and if the body is not completely relaxed and rested, the liver’s repair function will be affected.

Lee said, if people miss work and fall asleep, although it looks like they are asleep, it will actually interfere with the complete metabolism, from the perspective of Chinese medicine, the gastrointestinal first initial digestion and decomposition of nutrients, then the liver will continue to more sophisticated decomposition of nutrients, poor sleep quality will affect the operation of the liver.

“The liver is like a kitchen that serves different dishes to different people. Lee explained that the liver supplies the bone marrow for hematopoiesis, the hormones for the ovaries, the nutrients for the eyes and the brain cells are completely different, and without complete relaxation at bedtime, there will be a slight difference in the precision of liver breakdown, and in the long run the body will be less healthy.

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For example, when your body feels inexplicably tired and emotionally unhappy, you need to pay attention to whether you are in an imbalanced state.

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