SP Digestion Powder

Quickly Eliminate the Digestive Problems

SP Digestion Powder is made by Chinese herbs, without antacids, mainly works on the gasification of the stomach and intestines, and can improve the stomach and intestines fullness, bloating, stomach cold, and excess stomach acid.


The gastrointestinal system is an important organ of the body for digestion and absorption of food, and is closely related to the liver. The human body needs the right amount of nutrients, and nutrient supplementation depends on the digestive system in addition to adequate nutrient content in the diet. The human body needs an appropriate amount of nutrients, and nutrient supplementation depends not only on the nutrient content of the diet, but also on the digestive system. The gastrointestinal system is the main organ of the digestive system. Therefore, proper function of the entire digestive system is the first guarantee of human health.

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