The end of spring and the beginning of summer is the best time to take care of your health. How to take care of your health during the change of seasons?

The change of seasons in late spring and early summer has resulted in big temperature differences between morning and evening, ranging from spring thunderstorms to sunny skies and soaring temperatures. Faced with this kind of weather, many people have allergies, and even their moods will be affected by it. How do we take care of our health during this late spring and early summer season?

A wonderful life experience with birds and flowers in late spring and early summer.

Chinese medicine practitioner Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu said, “It’s a wonderful life experience to see birds and flowers blooming in spring. People should be very comfortable in this season, as the temperature goes from cold to hot, and the outside temperature rises, the body’s heat dissipation mechanism increases. If you don’t sweat in winter, you start sweating now; people who are afraid of the cold, or who don’t have enough heart and lung temperature, are not so afraid of the cold now.”

The human body has natural preventive mechanisms Allergic nasal discharge is a subhealth condition

However, not everyone can enjoy the scent of birds and flowers! Dr. Lee pointed out that normal people’s nasal mucous membrane will be wet, pollen and dust will not dry stick to the nose and trachea, the lungs have fibers will be removed and filtered, the human body itself has a natural preventive mechanism to enjoy the scent of birds and flowers, is the enjoyment of healthy people; some people will be allergic to runny nose, is a mechanism to protect the nasal mucous membrane, is sub-health, the most miserable is asthma, immediately nasal congestion and difficulty in breathing, you need to find a doctor. See a doctor.

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Spring and summer is the best time to take care of your health, starting with diet and lifestyle habits

The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine says: “Nourish yang in spring and summer.” How should we cultivate yang in spring and summer? Dr. Lee explained, if the large intestine is unable to produce normal qi, it will not be able to protect lung qi outside the blood vessels, and the small intestine is to absorb nutrients into the blood vessels. According to the Chinese medicine point of view, spring and summer health, but from the diet and living habits to do, to drink less ice-cold water, but also to have enough vegetables, and to exercise, are the principle of nurturing yang qi, and spring and summer flourishing, mosquitoes and viruses are active, infectious diseases are also many, so the immune system to be strong, the liver is the immune system is a very important organ.

Negative thoughts are unhappy and unhealthy. Sunlight and exercise generate positive energy.

The unstable climate often affects a person’s mood; in this regard, Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu emphasizes that with a smooth mood, the blood is strong and the central idea is bright, and that many people with negative thoughts are suffering from kidney deficiency, mostly with low immunity. In fact, it is up to you to cure your own illness, and it is up to you to pursue a healthy and active life, as negative thoughts can lead to unhappiness and unhealthiness, so you need to have positive thoughts.

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