Triglycerides are soaring. How to get rid of them?

People nowadays eat a lot of meat and fish, especially barbecue. Too much fatty food can easily lead to an increase in triglycerides and cardiovascular diseases. In fact, there are ways to normalize triglyceride index. Apart from eating less fatty foods, taking Chinese herbs for blood cleansing and blood circulation can also help normalize triglycerides in the blood and prevent cardiovascular diseases.


Drinking alcohol also makes blood vessels stuck in oil

According to Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu, it’s not just eating meat that causes oil in the blood vessels, drinking alcohol also causes oil in the blood vessels. The bile is emulsified so that the liver can break down the bile into higher grades of oil for use in other organs. For example, if the triglycerides are too high, the chances of getting dry eyes are high, and the dry eyes are due to the poor quality of fat in the body. If your hair is too oily or your face is too oily, there is a problem with the quality of the oil in your body. Liver function is good and all nutritional chemistry is better.


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In addition to herbal remedies, we need to exercise

A woman in her fifties, her triglycerides soared to 3600 and her blood was full of oil. After treatment by Dr. Lee Sheng-Ru with Chinese herbal medicine to cleanse and invigorate blood, the triglycerides dropped to 36. And her mother’s triglyceride level is also as high as over 500, which may be hereditary; Dr. Lee suggested that the mother and daughter should exercise more and refrain from eating barbecue, although vegetarianism is good for health. However, if you take Chinese herbs, you will have better physical strength to exercise, because Chinese herbs can help the liver to secrete bile, so liver function will be better.

Fatty liver will appear in turbid blood

The triglycerides and cholesterol are too high, and fatty liver is easy to develop. Dr. Lee emphasizes that blood turbidity, which is known as high blood fat in Chinese medicine, will lead to fatty liver. Insufficient bile secretion and liver fatigue will also cause poor physical performance, easy eye fatigue, dizziness, hands and feet do not like to move, and will make the bile nerves stiff; Therefore, if the bile secretion is sufficient, physical strength will be good, the liver’s ability to metabolize fat will increase, and the bones and joints can also be lubricated, so you have the ability to exercise.

Meat, fries, ice water. Hard to get rid of

Dr. Lee further pointed out that many elderly people, in order to reduce triglycerides, end up with insufficient nutrition. If the heart is overwhelmed but not strong enough to exercise, then we should provide herbal medicines that have sufficient capacity, not just triglycerides and cholesterol. It’s a great way to get solid alcohol and have the physical strength to exercise. It is also important to refrain from eating fried foods and barbecues, as all nutritional chemistry is a liver problem, especially liver, not just B, B. Hepatitis C can cause cirrhosis and liver cancer, as the liver needs to be at a stable temperature when fermenting, decomposing, burning and electrolyzing food. It’s hard to improve on a love of meat with fries and ice water.

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