The Theory of Chinese Medicine for Lungs Physiological Functions

The lungs are the main source of air and have the effect of helping the heart, also known as the "Sifu's official".

Among the five elements, the lungs belong to gold, metals have sounds, and human speech sounds are generated by lung energy. The lungs are the base camp for air, there is to help the role of the heart, also known as the (Xiang Fu of the official). In the five elements, the liver is wood, and the gold will be against wood, and Chinese medicine believes that if the lung (gold) is too strong, it is easy to damage the liver (wood), and produce deficiency fire, liver fire. When the liver fire is too strong, Jin is driven by wood instead, so if the liver fire is too strong, it will also hurt the lungs. In Chinese medicine, it is also believed that the autumn qi is connected with the lungs of the human body.

  • Qi from the lungs
    The lungs themselves supply oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Ancient people believed that in order to maintain life, one must have vital energy (qi), and the distribution and generation of qi are all performed by the lungs.
  • The lungs govern the joints
    The lungs can regulate the movement of qi, and the movement of qi can promote the movement of blood, the heart is the main blood vessels, so the ancients called the lungs: the official of the phase of Fu. In other words, the lungs are like the Prime Minister who assists the monarch (heart) in regulating blood circulation.
  • Pulmonary symphysis (medicine)
    The lungs are the skin of the body, that is to say, the lungs and the skin of the epidermis, there is a close relationship. For example: wind-cold skin will make people cough; bronchitis, asthma, nasal allergies and other respiratory system diseases are often together with skin allergies. Occurrence.
  • Physiological properties of the lungs
    The lungs regulate the transport of air through respiration, while the nose is the doorway for breathing in and out, so it is said in the Nei Jing that the lungs open the orifices to the nose.
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