Sheng-Pu products

Sheng-Pu products

Sheng-pu products utilize the highest quality natural herbs and ingredients processed at our GMP TFDA approved facility.

Sheng-pu Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) formulas are formulated by Dr. Lee and used at his clinic in Taipei for over 50 years. TCM formulas are all natural and not chemical extracts, thus requiring more pills to achieve effective dosage. The herbal formulations are preserved in honey, nature’s best natural preservative and binder. They are black in color because they honey and herbs are mixed together and baked to safely preserve the formulation.

All products must be consumed before the expiration date. For your safety, do not utilize products after the expiration date.

Please keep products in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight. For bottled products, make sure bottle caps are secured tightly.

For best results, Dr. Lee recommends using warm water with Sheng-pu Formulations. Utilizing other beverages may affect the efficacy of the formula due to pH differences.

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