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  • Natural pancreatic glands healing with Chinese medicine
  • Facilitates grain and cereal nourishment
  • Improves diabetes-related complications
  • Promotes insulin gland rejuvenation and activation, reducing diabetic insulin dependence

Product Description

Reducing diabetic insulin dependence

SP GlucoHealth

Natural Chinese medicine remedy for age and thirst-related insulin disorders


Diabetes mellitus is a typical traditional Chinese medicine thirst disorder. Thirst disorder is a chronic disease that has existed since ancient times, and it can be classified as an upper, middle, and lower disorder. In general, common thirst symptoms are Qi and Yin deficiency, Qi stagnation and blood stasis, and Yin and Yang deficiency. Treatment generally focuses on internal organs function adjustment.

What is SP GlucoHealth?

Chinese medicine uses the five elements as the qi of the body and life, and the unit qi is the change of nutrients in the body. In the five elements, the earth of Xuanhuang is the main sweet taste of the gasification, the earth is the spleen, the spleen and the earth are strong, then the gas of sweetness and the fluid are distributed all over the body, and the spleen is the main muscle, once the spleen is weak and the nutrients of glycogen cannot be distributed, the fluid of glycogen cannot moisten the extremities, resulting in thirst and weakness of the extremities.

SP GlucoHealth strengthens spleen and earth function, restoring vitality, and promoting thirst-quenching fluid production. SP GlucoHealth is an effective thirst suppressant as well as an effective remedy for spleen and earth-related complications.





Chinese medicine focuses on the fact that insulin naturally converts glucose to provide the body’s vital energy. According to gasification theory, Chinese medicine helps the body initiate this crucial transformative stage, and restores proper pancreatic function. While it may not be possible to fully restore pancreas function, Chinese medicine can certainly improve it considerably.

What can SP GlucoHealth do for me?

◎ Natural pancreatic glands healing with Chinese medicine

◎ Facilitates grain and cereal nourishment

◎ Improves diabetes-related complications

◎ Promotes insulin gland rejuvenation and activation, reducing diabetic insulin dependence

Combining Chinese and Western medicines effetively controls diabetes

Common modern diseases, such as cirrhosis of the liver, pulmonary fibrosis, kidney failure, heart failure or valve fibrosis, and calcium in the vascular wall, are caused by six viscera production failure. As a result, once  insulin is degraded, it cannot be secreted properly causing diabetes due in part to sugar not being fully metabolized. The onset of diabetes can cause a host of worrisome complication including, but not limited to: hand and foot paralysis, feeling of weakness in the hands and feet / general muscular fatigue, soft acid weakness, or muscular rheumatism / premature visceral failure / retinal failure, blindness / gangrene, tissue collapse, necrosis / high blood pressure and hemiplegia. Some of them may cause urine protein in the kidneys, kidney failure, anemia, unstable nerve voltage, physical disorders, and even itchy, dry skin, and in serious cases, degeneration of hematopoietic function.

Western medicines are generally taken at the onset of the aforementioned symptoms, but when these issues persist, people often turn to Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine practitioners generally strive to adjust the body’s internal function through natural medicines as a means of restoring normal self-care. This type of treatment often takes the place of invasive treatments involving frequent injections, dialysis and kidney transplantation.

Enabling patients have normal ,peaceful lives without physical, neurological and kidney disorders. These problems can be improved with Chinese medicine.

How do you know you have diabetes?

  • Tends to get tired for no reason
  • Feel dry mouth and tongue easily
  • Tendency to urinate frequently, or habitual constipation
  • Blurred vision
  • Wounds don’t heal easily
  • Weight loss



Reasons to report diabetic symptoms early


  • Insufficient exercise
  • Ice overdose
  • Over-nutrition
  • Brain overload
  • Sleep deprivation

Pure natural oriental herbs, giving you peace of mind and gentle care


The basic idea of Chinese medicine is to blend a variety of natural herbs into a complex formula to achieve a truly comprehensive healing effect.

This formula uses flower pollen and kudzu root to create a fluid to quench thirst. Ginseng (Ginseng) relieves energy, irritability and thirst. Poria (Poria Cocos) reduces dampness and water, Glycyrrhiza (Glycyrrhizae)  relieves dampness and heat in the spleen and stomach. Scutellaria (Scutellaria Scutellaria) relieves dampness and heat in the spleen and stomach. Huang Jie relieves energy and heat in the spleen and stomach. Huai Shan  relieves heat deficiency in the kidney and Yin. Huang Lian relieves fire and thirst. All of these remedies are effective in strengthening the spleen and earth, restoring vitality and relieving thirst.

Product Designer - Dr. Lee Sheng-pu

According to TCM theory, diabetes occurs because of the failure of the internal organs, so the treatment is more comprehensive, mainly to help the pancreatic gland’s instinctive recovery.

Chinese medicine is concerned with the fact that insulin itself converts the glucose needed by the human body to provide the vital energy. According to the theory of gasification, Chinese medicine can help the body to initiate this part of the transformation and restore the function of the pancreas as far as possible, although it may not be possible to fully restore the function, but it can certainly restore a considerable degree of function.

A little reminder from Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu :
Lifestyle Matching for Treatment and Prevention of Diabetes

  • No ice cold
  • Sugar control
  • Get more exercise
  • Increased sleep
  • Meditation

How to take it?

Adults take 6~8 pills twice a day once in the afternoon and once in the evening. Take 1 hour before meals with warm water. For mild symptoms, take once a day before going to bed. For fatigue, take in addition to 10~12 SP Pro-Liver Pills in the morning.

Product FAQ

Can women who are pregnant or breastfeeding take it?

Please consult your Chinese medicine practitioner or healthcare provider.

Can I take other medicines or supplements at the same time if I take Sheng-Pu Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Please consult your herbalist or healthcare provider for other products.

Can I adjust the amount I take on my own? Can it be paired with juice or milk?

Please follow the instructions and take with warm boiled water.

I read a lot of single herbal supplements on the internet. Why does Sheng-Pu Traditional Chinese Medicine use a combination of herbs?

Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes the use of a combination of medicines, and the effect of a compound prescription is better than a single prescription.

Why are the pills black? Why do you have to eat so many at once?

The ingredients are all-natural herbs and half of the pill’s ingredients are honey which is used as a formulating agent. Please take it according to its properties and calculate the dosage to achieve optimal efficacy. Honey is nature’s best preservative and binder, therefore traditional Chinese medicine is made by combining herbs and honey and baking them into pills to safely extend shelf life. The pills will only look black, please take them without any worries.

Additional information


240 pills half month supply, 1200 pills 75days supply refill pack


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  • Radix Trichosanthis
  • Radix Ophiopogonis
  • Radix Puerariae
  • Radix Ginseng
  • Poria
  • Radix Glycyrrhizae
  • Radix Scutellariae
  • Mel
  • Radix Astragali
  • Rhizoma Dioscoreae
  • Rhizoma Coptidis


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