SP Beauty Silver

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  • Developed for women over 43 years of age and before and after menopause
  • Mitigates the symptoms of menopause
  • Add natural hormones, supports quality of sleep
  • Rejuvenate the body, enhances physical strength, improve blood circulation
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Product Description

Addressing Menopause Barriers

SP Beauty Silver

Developed for women over 43 years of age and before and after menopause


Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners have long had theories of tenkan to forty-nine years of age, explaining that time affects the physiological development and health of women. Chinese medicine practitioners also take into account the health care of women’s physiological health and the maintenance and treatment of diseases that are more likely to occur with age.

The external maintenance products, day cream and night cream, women’s life adjustment of course can not be one post four things in the end, different stages, different needs, Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu advocates segmented maintenance with 50 years of clinical experience.

What is SP Beauty Silver ?

After middle age, you need to replenish your natural hormones. SP Beauty Silver is prescribed through Chinese medicine to replenish blood into the heart, lungs and kidneys, which is good for endocrine disorders and nourishes the mind.

By adjusting and regulating your body, improving your environmental protection, you will have enough blood, vitality and radiance to solve the obstacles brought by menopause and achieve a nourishing effect.




According to Chinese medicine, a woman is born with the liver, which holds blood and connects the uterus with the chakra, also known as the sea of blood, so if a woman’s physiological period is smooth or not, it will more or less affect his shape, physique and even emotional reaction. Just because these are evidence of illness, many gynaecological diseases will slowly develop if they are not treated right away. As long as the physiological period is smooth and normal, life will be easy and comfortable.

What can SP Beauty Silver do for me?

◎ Developed for women over 43 years of age and before and after menopause

◎ Mitigates the symptoms of menopause

◎ Add natural hormones, supports quality of sleep

◎ Rejuvenate the body, enhances physical strength, improve blood circulation

Irreversible age, adjustable physique, sustainable vitality

A woman’s whole life is like a flower, says Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu. He said: women’s biological life cycle is short and its changes are like a flower, glorious for a moment. So he always wondered how it was possible for all women to take it for life by relying solely on “Wuji Baifeng Pills” and “Four Things Soup” in the past.

This is a very special feature of Chinese medicine that keeps women’s health active and beautiful, and if it can last a lifetime, it is the best recipe for women’s health. With more than 40 years of experience as a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) physician, SP Beauty Silver is formulated to replenish the blood into the heart, lungs, kidneys, and the body, so as to nourish the mind and help the body to feel younger and stronger.

A woman is subject to physiological changes throughout her life, and the physiological period is dominated by time, affecting her psyche, physical organs, uterus, ovaries, and hormones. Psychological changes due to physiological influences, physiological hormones due to skin, body shape. The body is well adjusted, the physical age is not necessarily the actual age, SP Beauty Silver is recommended for those who attach great importance to the maintenance of you, at the time of menopause, regulate the qi and blood, qi and blood enough, so that the silver age of life shines like silver.

Sheng-Pu’s greatest achievement in caring for women is to keep them looking young for a long time

A beautiful life is the best way for a woman to stay healthy



Rejuvenates the body, activates cells, strengthens the body, and delays the onset of menopause


  • Medicine for women over 43 years of age and before and after menopause
  • A natural hormone supplement, good for nourishing the mind and quality sleep
  • Addressing the barriers of menopause for nourishing results
  • Rejuvenates and strengthens the body, improves blood circulation and revitalizes the waist and kidney function
  • Healthy uterus, consistently beautiful

Pure natural oriental herbs, giving you peace of mind and gentle care


The basic idea of Chinese medicine is to blend a variety of natural herbs into a complex formula to achieve a truly comprehensive healing effect.

In this formula, Ginseng nourishes the energy in the lung; Scutellaria scutellaria clears heat and removes fire; Rhizoma chuanxiong energizes blood circulation, dispels stasis and opens up stagnation; Rhododendron laxative; Rhubarb removes stasis to clear menstruation; White peony nourishes blood and tonifies the body; Talcum vulgaris nourishes water and tonifies lung; Radix angelicaeum nourishes blood and moistens the intestines. The combination of all herbs is effective for menopausal nourishment, blood tonic, blood qi weakness, post-sickness disorders, low back pain, back pain, physiological period, lack of energy, weakness of body. The health care during this period is the most important. Through regular body conditioning and adjustment, the body can achieve blood replenishment, clear the fire, improve blood circulation, enhance the revitalization of the waist and kidneys, improve the environmental protection of the body, so that blood qi is sufficient and radiant, and solve the obstacles brought about by menopause, so as to achieve the effect of nourishment and rest. This medicine is made from top quality longan honey, which is digested and absorbed in the stomach, without any artificial additives.

Product Designer - Dr. Lee Sheng-pu

After so many years of therapy and observation, I know that a woman strives for beauty all her life, because she knows that beauty is the proof that she is loved; beauty is the shortcut to happiness. So I use an “age grouping” approach to design age-specific health care products for women.

Since ancient times, women have been able to live longer than men because they know how to take care of themselves, not only for their beauty but also for their health. The greatest achievement of Sheng-Pu’s care for women is to enable women to maintain a long-lasting youthful and healthy appearance, and to meet the needs of women of all ages by providing them with nourishment from the inside out, health care, tonifying and revitalizing blood, so that beauty can bloom naturally from the inside out. Especially for women who are often weakened after illness, blood replenishing, malnutrition, back pain, abdominal pain and blood deficiency during the physiological period, it is more necessary to pay attention to health maintenance.

Leave the beauty of a woman to Deepcore.

A beautiful day with a good physique

Eternal youth and beauty, good health every day!

To give you the beauty of inner beauty and the radiance of youth.

Shampo makes a woman’s beauty visible!

How to take it?

2 times a day,  5 ~ 6 pills per serving, warm water after meals serve

Product FAQ

I have been taking SP Pen-Long Pill since middle age to preserve my bones and muscles, and now I would like to add SP Beauty Silver for daily maintenance?

You are advised to seek professional advice from a TCM practitioner.

What is the best stage of age maintenance for SP Beauty Silver?

SP Beauty Silver is a health care medicine developed for women who are facing menopause after the age of 43. Through good health care and physical adjustment, the body’s environmental protection will be improved, so that the blood will be abundant and radiant, resolving the obstacles brought about by menopause, maintaining self-confidence, elegance and leisure.

Why SP Beauty Silver are a good remedy for women’s health and aging?

When women reach the age of 43, they are often unable to eliminate their urine and faeces, so Chinese medicine practitioners often say that detoxification is the best remedy for women’s health and beauty.

Can I take other medicines or supplements at the same time if I take Sheng-Pu Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Please consult your herbalist or healthcare provider for other products.

Can I adjust the amount I take on my own? Can it be paired with juice or milk?

Please follow the instructions and take with warm boiled water.

I read a lot of single herbal supplements on the internet, why does Sheng-Pu Traditional Chinese Medicine use a combination of herbs?

Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes the use of a combination of medicines, and the effect of a compound prescription is better than a single prescription.

Why are the pills black? Why do you have to eat so many at once?

Since the ingredients are all-natural herbs and half of the pill’s ingredients are honey which is used as a formulating agent, please take it according to its properties and calculate the dosage to achieve the best efficacy. Honey is the best preservative and binder in nature, traditional Chinese medicine is made by combining herbs and honey and baking them into pills to safely extend the shelf life, the pills will only look black, please take it without any worries.


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  • Radix Ginseng
  • Radix Scutellariae
  • Rhizoma Chuanxiong
  • Semen Pharbitidis
  • Radix et Rhizoma Rhei
  • Radix Paeoniae Alba
  • Talcum
  • Radix Rehmanniae Preparate
  • Radix Angelicae Sinensis
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