How to avoid liver explosion? You should know the liver care tips

The liver is the officer of the general, and it is the source of planning and consideration”, which speaks to the importance of the liver. From a Chinese medicine point of view, the so-called bad liver includes many parts of the body. The liver meridian can start from the feet and through the internal veins of the body, it will extend to the eyes, and even the seven emotions and six desires are related to the liver; therefore, there are signs of a bad liver, which can be seen in many small places.

The liver and the soul are free of the radio wave system.

This is a wrong concept to work too much to burst your liver! The liver is not good because of the lack of discipline in diet and life and the lack of maintenance of the liver, said Dr. Sheng-pu Lee, who knows how to maintain the liver. He said that the liver does not have a nerve; however, the so-called “three souls and seven spirits, the liver contains the soul, the lungs contain the spirit. And the three souls refer to the liver, and is a free wave system, just like a TV receiving waves to see images, is a current beyond the nervous system.

If you go beyond what your body can do, you will damage your liver.

Dr. Sheng-pu Lee pointed out that the soul to return to the home, there is a so-called scared soul, and how to appease the soul, is to do good, do not do evil, do bad things will scare themselves to death, and the pursuit of fame and fortune, do not go beyond the track, do not love someone reluctantly, so that even if lost, but also peace of mind, reluctantly will scare themselves; because desire will produce evil, beyond the body’s ability to perform, will hurt the liver.

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When the liver is good, the body’s metabolism will be good.

Therefore, Dr. Sheng-pu Lee emphasized that the body, mind and soul should be transported in the track, not while working and angry at the same time, which will instead damage the liver, because beyond the normal track will make the spirit abnormal, want to pursue fame and fortune, but to get benefits in a normal state of time and space, if the internal arrogance deviates from the track, will hurt the soul, will hurt the liver and lungs; the so-called “liver is the general’s officer, planning out”, showing the liver If the liver is good, the body’s metabolism will be good, and there will be thoughts, plans, new ideas and creations, which are all functions of the liver, not the brain.

People need to respect the body hard to support will hurt the liver and body

For example, if someone wants to sing but can’t, or if they are in love but can’t escape their grief and can’t adjust, it means that there is a metabolic disorder, which is a sign of a bad liver. Dr. Li Shenpu said, the heart is good, the soul is at peace, the liver will be good; if the heart is trembling, the spirit is restless, the liver will not be good. In fact, people should respect their bodies, rest when they are tired, squint a little, eat when they are hungry, and not have affairs and cheating when they are married, otherwise, they will hurt their livers and bodies.

A healthy liver gives you the energy you need to live life to the fullest!

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