Gastrointestinal and Geriatric Diseases

Obesity starts after forty due to insufficient stomach yang, resulting in gastrointestinal accumulation and weak peristalsis.

Stomach and Yang deficiency cold gastrointestinal Yin excess nutrition accumulation of people over forty body type began to obese due to deficiency of stomach and Yang, resulting in gastrointestinal accumulation, peristalsis Weakness, acid reflux, irregular bowel movements, and the accumulation of fat and sugar in the liver lead to obesity, poor circulation, and the early onset of geriatric diseases. Modern people do not care about Yin and Yang, but they have very little knowledge about the culture of Chinese medicine.


Avoid poor lifestyle habits such as over-eating, overeating, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, excessive stress, staying up late, etc., and make adjustments to your medical, lifestyle and nutritional habits to slow down your body’s aging process.

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