The liver is a vital organ of the human body and has an irreplaceable role in maintaining normal life activities.

The liver is an important organ of the human body and is irreplaceable in maintaining the normal life activities of human beings. It is a “silent organ” with no nerves except for the nerves on the outermost layer of the liver. No obvious symptoms, it is not painful or itchy, even a tumor as large as 5 cm may not be felt until these dominant lesions develop. The time has come for the liver system to become dysfunctional when the liver has developed symptoms that affect nearby organs or when the liver’s own compensatory reserve is depleted. The disease is in an unmanageable advanced stage. Therefore, liver disease is important in the prevention, and the first thing to prevent is to understand the general knowledge of liver health care, and do liver health care work. I hope to bring the reader a more systematic knowledge of liver health care, and can use the knowledge to guide the future of life, not only emphasize liver health care, work, and Living without overload, changing various diets and habits that are detrimental to liver, eliminating unnecessary fears about liver disease and increasing confidence in fighting the disease. It’s a good way to improve your quality of life and get back to good health sooner rather than later.

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