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The Key of Liver Detoxification

Long-selling in Taiwan for 50 years, all-natural herbal formulas, different dosage forms, the same treatment

Winter Wellness Special

As the saying goes in Chinese medicine, “Winter nourishes the kidneys”. Sheng-Pu’s selection of winter health products will help you build up your energy to embrace the spring.

SP Pen-Long Pill

Strengthens the muscles and bones

SP Fast Cold Relief Powder

Get back to health quickly with medication for the cold front

How Can We Improve Your Health Today?


Our Founder

The Creator of SP Pro-Liver Pills (Yang Gan Wan)

Dr. Sheng-pu Lee was the first Chinese medicine practitioner to develop SP Pro-Liver Pills as a proprietary Chinese medicine. He was the first to push Pro-Liver Pills through international scientific research experiments and successfully pushed to the world stage.

Dr. Sheng-pu Lee grew up in a family of Chinese medicine practitioners. He studied Chinese medicine since he was a young, his patients called him “young prodigy doctor.” His deep family studies have made him ingenious and unique in the diagnosis and prescription of medicine. Wanting to share his formulations with people beyond his clinic, Dr. Lee established Sheng-pu Pharmaceuticals and built a GMP pharmaceutical factory to ensure safety and efficacy of his formulas to share with the world.

Sheng-Pu Pharmaceutic Chinese Medicine Expert

  • More than half a century of experience in clinical and traditional Chinese medicine
  • The exclusive Chinese medicine processing method to improve drug efficacy.
  • Scientific examination to grasp the analysis of indicators of Chinese herbal medicines
  • Compliance with GMP pharmaceutical process inspection specifications
  • Excellent medical, pharmaceutical and nutrition team lineup, developing products for maintenance needs

Features of Sheng-Pu Traditional Chinese Medicine


All the herbs used in our TCM are purely natural and in compliance with Taiwan's regulatory standards.


Chinese Medicine is mild and non-invasive, with almost no side effects, and is suitable for long-term use to maintain optimal health.


Sheng-Pu's products are manufactured in our own factory in Taiwan, in an environment that complies with Taiwan's GMP standards, giving us peace of mind.

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