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Dr. Lin Jieliang, chief of the Department of Toxicology at Chang Gung Hospital, who just passed away after a long illness, often revealed to the public that certain foods commonly consumed contained toxins that could harm the liver and kidneys, causing inexplicable panic among the public. In addition to the toxicity of food ingredients, the toxicity of Chinese herbs is also a common concern for the Chinese people.

We believe that the world should admire and recognize the contribution of Dr. Toxicology to society, but microtoxicity is a trace amount of toxins that do not cause death, and the kidneys and liver have the natural ability to eliminate them during sleep and rest, and the knowledge of microtoxicity prevention is certainly an important lesson in life.

Liver response to microtoxicity

Although the human liver does not have a nerve, it is very sensitive to chemical substances. The liver’s meridians are connected to the eyes and eyesight and the genitals, and its greatest function is to carry on the family line. It normally performs metabolism, nutrition, increases the body’s energy, burns electrolytes and excretes detoxification.

Dr. Sheng-Pu Lee pointed out that when people unknowingly eat food harmful to the liver, the eyes will be dull, physical fatigue, drowsiness time to grow. Some people drink too much, eat harmful to the liver of Western medicine such as painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs, and certain herbs will also eye fatigue, limb weakness, more serious may want to vomit. So micro-toxins will actually react with slight attention, but they will be excreted after rest or during sleep in the natural action of metabolism.


Self-preservation of the liver from micro-toxins

However, people should take care of themselves in order to protect the liver, from micro-toxic damage. Dr. Sheng-Pu Lee explained that if the liver is chronically injured, in fact, there are signs, there are often easy eye fatigue, drowsiness, sleepless, sweating, bowel movements lose normal smooth, mental unfocused, easy to catch a cold and other problems, and fatigue is not easy to recover, do not like to exercise, or exercise after a longer period of fatigue than before, especially men and women still feel fatigue the day after intercourse, as well as physical over-quality, certain skin abnormalities and other situations occur.

In fact, the liver by the micro-toxic injury with symptoms before the need to use drugs to regulate, or has formed liver disease more need to find Chinese medicine examination, treatment. Dr. Sheng-Pu Lee stressed that the liver is normal from the eyes, skin can be seen, if you sleep a full six hours a day is full of energy, smooth urination and defecation are healthy liver people. However, life is still full of micro-toxins, can not be prevented, should be more protective of the liver to maintain a healthy body.


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The living environment is slightly toxic, although it does not harm the liver and kidneys, but still should be good at protecting the liver and kidneys

The micro-toxins in life are not so harmful to the liver and kidneys, as long as the liver and kidneys function normally, they can be detoxified and detoxified. If the intake of micro-toxins can immediately seriously affect the health of the body, then the liver and kidneys are very poor. The function of the liver and kidneys is to detoxify and detoxify, the world has excessive panic interpretation.

Dr. Sheng-Pu Lee believes that the living environment in the micro-toxins help train the liver’s ability to detoxify, as boxers only after a hundred battles, the ability to attack will improve, the liver if over-protected from a little micro-toxins, will lose the ability to fight. Therefore, there are rules of thumb for antiviral and detoxification, such as immunity to a certain virus because the liver knows how to handle that virus.

In agricultural societies, people are often exposed to soil, insects, and manure in the natural environment, so the body has built up a basic resistance to viruses. It is difficult to avoid micro-toxic substances in modern life, and it is impossible to eat non-toxic organic food and live in a sterile room, so there is no need to be overly worried about micro-toxicity.


Healthy liver and kidneys can naturally release micro-toxins

In fact, there are ways to remove micro-toxins from our lives. The micro-toxins in food can be reduced by cooking, and the residual pesticides can be removed by strengthening the cleaning method. Even if you eat toxins, as long as you drink more water, more exercise, through a lot of sweating, accelerating metabolism, etc., can be toxins out of the body, or take Chinese medicine to protect the liver, can help the body detoxification detoxification in the invisible.

Dr. Sheng-Pu Lee reminded, over-reliance on antibiotics to kill bacteria detoxification, although it will kill the virus, but also killed the body’s beneficial bacteria and enzymes, it is better to develop their own body resistance, pay attention to liver health. If the liver is healthy, it is naturally capable of detoxifying the micro-toxins it comes into contact with in life. In Chinese medicine, the liver is called the general’s officer, which means that the liver is strong and good at protecting the body.


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Originally from: Chinesetimes Health
Chinesetimes Health/ Reporter Shiao-Ya Huang reports 2013.09.14

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