Why men shouldn’t just talk about being healthy and take action! So how can they live more energetically?

A lot of men suffer from hyposthenia once they reach midlife or premature aging. They lack energy in performing a lot of tasks, they start yawning often, they have watery eyes; they start losing their memory, calling people by the wrong names, suffering from stiff bones & joints, weak waist and knees. Atrophy occurs in the general body shape, and there is frequent urination at night. Some of them even have less interest in sexual intercourse. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, all these are caused by the insufficient blood and malfunctions of the kidney. Through taking Chinese medicine to strengthen the spirit, nourish the blood and benefit the bones, there will be improvements.

Delicacy is the way to health; a flexible body is a way of life

At 78 years of age, the Chinese medicine practitioner, Lee Sheng-Pu is still a very active person. He can go anywhere without a problem – he is still able to ski on the mountains or meditate in the snow. The reason why he still has such high energy has a lot to do with his philosophy of health, which is closely related to that of Laozi’s. He pointed out what Laozi had said, “a human body is born delicate and stiff at death. Grass and trees are born to be soft, and withered and stiff at death.” This has put a focus on delicacy and softness, which should be the way to our health. Our body should be flexible and soft to achieve its liveliness.


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Our body should be rich in Qi, but we should mind our temperament

The Chinese medicine practitioner, Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu, said that it might not be ideal for an old person to be “strong”. Even if he is strong when he’s young, he still has 90% possibility of not being able to live long. When a person grows old, he should be rich in Qi and have a flexible body. Especially when a person gets older, he should be soft and delicate, and should not lose his temper. Being soft does not mean that he should give in all the time, but uses this as his principle of dealing with matters in life. According to Laozi, “humbleness fulfills a person’s core, it weakens his will but strengthens his frame.” An aged person should focus on his Qi, and lead a soft attitude to life.

Rich in Qi and normal in temperature; when he squats or bends down, he should not feel stiffness

Like water turning into ice, it is all due to temperatures! Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu explained that with temperature and softness, there should be no toughness, and there will be softness in the muscles and the heart. When a person is soft, it does not mean that he is soft to the others, but he’s soft to himself. It is an important survival skill to have a flexible and soft body and mind. Especially one has to train himself to be softer when growing older. When he’s rich in Qi, all his tissues, blood vessels and muscles will be full of Qi as well, and he’ll become more delicate. In this case, he does not feel stiffness when squatting or bending down, and that is all because he has enough Qi, and his temperature is normal.

Meditation tells you a lot of things

Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu pointed out that if the temperature in the body is too high, it will impose a lot of pressure; and if it is too low, it will create condensation. This is closely related to the person’s diet and amount of exercise. When his blood is circulated throughout the body, it connects all the cells. You may try sensing your body through meditating, as it will send you some important signals. Think of visiting a Chinese medicine practitioner, who examines you through looking, listening, questioning and feeling your pulse, meditation works similarly.

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Originally from:
Healthnews/ Reporter Ka-Ching Kwan reports

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