Why is the throat always stuck phlegm? The reason is…

Many people feel phlegm stuck in their throat and always have to cough to clear their throat before they feel comfortable, which is not a cold, but will produce phlegm, and if they have a cold, they will cough non-stop and never get well. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that frequent coughing is often caused by pathological changes such as lack of lung qi promotion, loss of lung suppression, lung qi deficiency and lung yin deficiency; especially in recent years, the air pollution caused by PM2.5 will cause chronic damage to the lungs. To improve the cough, Chinese doctors point out that in addition to expelling wind and cold, and to moisten the lungs and fix the qi, so that the body’s energy and qi interaction, so that the lungs are fresh, and to take care of the kidneys, in order not to cough all the time!

The phlegm in the throat is also related to poor kidney

Dr. Sheng-pu Lee said, the phlegm stuck in the throat, many people think it is bad lung, but also related to poor kidney, the kidney meridian with saliva, throat and the whole body endocrine are closely related; Western medicine to treat allergies with steroids, is a kind of paranephrine hormone, traditional Chinese medicine, phlegm often in the throat is a phenomenon of kidney Qi deficiency. When you have a cold, you think you have to cough hard to get the phlegm out, but it will break the mucous membrane, which will lead to chronic laryngitis, chronic bronchitis, endocrine disorders, chest tightness, and bad middle breath over time. As the saying goes, “The kidney is the officer of strength and skill. Once you have kidney deficiency syndrome, you will have no creativity, no competitiveness, anxiety, panic, humorlessness, impatience, loss of libido, and emotional tension, which will easily lead to family problems and even divorce syndrome.

PM2.5 can affect the lungs, and the heart is also associated with it.

As for the PM2.5 caused by industrial pollution in recent years, what impact will it have on the lungs? Dr. Sheng-pu Lee pointed out that the lungs themselves have the ability to self-cleaning, only in the case of poor lung function, the need for sputum detoxification drugs to regulate, or wear a mask and other external factors to support; and poor lung and the heart is also related, the lungs are not good, the heart will not be good, the lungs control gas, the heart control blood, gas can not, the blood can not be transported, and make the oxygen content in the blood is not good, the lack of gas will be brain hypoxia.

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Asthma can not catch the breath of the upper and lower Chinese medicine treatment from the kidney

Many people because of asthma, will have the phenomenon of phlegm stuck in the throat, the upper air can not catch the lower air, Dr. Sheng-pu Lee further pointed out that the cause of asthma is the lungs, but Chinese medicine treatment of asthma, or will start with the kidneys; outpatient clinic there is a 40-year-old woman, due to asthma treatment with steroids led to obesity, swollen face, a few days ago caught the flu makes asthma recurrence, phlegm accumulation in the lungs, through the treatment of water medicine, spit out a large bowl of phlegm, the original The situation of breathing only half of the lungs finally cleared.

Meditation can make the Qi rise and the five elements move through the body

Dr. Lee in his youth also had a cold and cough for antibiotic treatment from Western medicine; his first antibiotics have been successful in eliminating phlegm, but the second injection made the heart beat rapidly, so quickly take Chinese medicine to subside; and in meditation, feel the lower lungs have two pieces of coolness like ice in the subside, obviously is the cold phlegm in which subside. He felt that the practice of meditation could make the qi rise, the saliva and secretions would fall, and the five elements would move in the body, and he could feel that he would not only be happy, but also not be worried or afraid, and would not have spleen qi, which would lead to health.

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