Why GERD Can’t Be Controlled by Antacid? TCM Doctors Will Show You in Seconds

Modern people are very busy every day, especially near the end of the year, it is even busier and busier, making the already tense pace of life, and then tighten the hairpin again. As a result, many people have irregular meals and sometimes overeat and drink, and this kind of lifestyle and diet will easily lead to GERD and the phenomenon of “heartburn”. Some people will buy antacid pills to take, but they are unable to improve the situation effectively. What do traditional Chinese medicine practitioners think about stomach acid and what can be done to improve GERD?

Antacid can make the body sick, and they can’t digest food into sound nutrition.

According to Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu, many people who have GERD think that stomach acid is not good, so they need to use alkaline to neutralize the acid and suppress the secretion of stomach acid, which is very dangerous and bad! Because the first pass of food to be eaten by stomach acid sterilization, stomach acid can be bacteria and food are emulsified, because the cells eaten are alive, to the stomach to kill, to destroy the original properties of the original life; and the use of antacid  to inhibit stomach acid, gastric acid reduction, will not be able to destroy bacteria and change the nature of the food, so that the digestion and decomposition of food quality, nutrition in human tissues.

Gastrointestinal and circulatory disorders are the cause of GERD.

Why does GERD occur? Dr. Lee explained that the reflux of stomach acid and eat too much, eat too fast related to gastrointestinal exercise function is not good, circulation barriers are the cause, circulation is the heart drive absorption, nutrition can produce flow, gastrointestinal nutrition has been in the flow, although there is a stay but still slowly will be digested. Life is a one-way street, eating food, blood vessels and stomach are a one-way street, stomach acid reflux is against health, is also poor circulation.

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Stomach acid, reflux is the problem. There’s nothing wrong with stomach acid.

Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu  explains, heart weakness, slow circulation, kidney weakness, slow urination, the stomach does not have contraction, food in the gastrointestinal for too long, will be slow to defecate, flatulence with a hangover, liver metabolism slow, will be weak, do not want to walk, love to sleep, the brain does not feel the vitality will eat too much, do not feel like eating, while eating while drinking ice water, food nutrition in the stomach to stay for a long time, the circulation will slow down, once bent over. The acid will go up and the esophagus will be burned. Therefore, the reflux of stomach acid is a problem, but the stomach acid itself is no problem, it is only necessary to make the intestines and stomach qi smooth, to reach the whole body, intestines and stomach this nutrient can be absorbed by the body metabolism.

The Middle Kingdom is sick, so cut down on sweets and cold drinks.

So there’s no such thing as too much stomach acid! Dr. Lee further analyzed that “treating the sicknesses of the Middle Kingdom is a very important theory of treatment in Chinese medicine. The spleen and stomach are the middle earth, but not directly, but because of the obstacle. When digestion slows down and there is GERD, we should cut down on sweets and cold drinks, because sweet and cold will slow down the nutritional process. Don’t drive backwards, and you should take care of the side issues so that you don’t have GERD problems.

Dr. Lee had GERD up his nose. Chinese Medicine cured his gastrointestinal problems.

When he was in his teens and twenties, Dr. Lee had GERD problems, such as tightness in the chest, breathing problems, and even GERD spraying into the nose. With his own personal experience, he had a profound understanding of the problem and was completely cured after treatment with Chinese medicine, fifty years without acid reflux problems. He said, a few days ago, a patient who lives in Shihlin also came to the clinic to express his gratitude, because for 30 years, many doctors have failed to cure the GERD, but only by taking Chinese medicine to smooth the gastrointestinal flow. Therefore, GERD is not about suppressing stomach acid, but rather about making the gastrointestinal cycle work in unison.


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Originally from: Healthnews.com.tw
Healthnews/ Reporter Ka-Ching Kwan reports