Do you know when rapid bone loss begins? The answer is “Age 35”! When you are still working hard at sprinting for your career, it is the easiest time to start neglecting maintenance, thinking that your body is still fine and you are still young. If you don’t pay attention to it, it’s really just an accelerated depletion. So, if you want to keep your bones, you have to take advantage of it! According to Chinese medicine, liver and kidney are the main source of tendons and bones, and the liver and kidney are the same origin. Therefore, if you want to keep good bone, you have to start from the liver and kidney.

People with bad bones age easily, and their kidneys are the main bones, so they need to be strong.

Research shows that people with more wrinkles have relatively low bone density, and bone quality is very relevant to whether they can retain the source of youth. In Chinese medicine theory also explained that the kidney is the main bone, the kidney is innate, and its Hua in the hair, the quality of the kidney is good or bad, which is related to the appearance of the hair, skin wrinkles, activity is very relevant. According to Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu , the kidneys in Chinese medicine are not only the two kidneys, but also the fluid in the bones, which is the bone qi, which has heat; the eyes look inward, so that the essence and the spirit intersect, and only when the essence and the spirit intersect in complete tranquility can there be qi. A person’s joints are like the air pressure in a car, which opens the joints, and there is a stream of Qi rising from the sun. The energy in life is body energy, and it is necessary to have body energy in the joints, and it is also necessary to have body energy in the back and waist in order to straighten them.


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Everyone wants good bones, and many people will take vitamin D and exercise sun, to strengthen the bones; Dr. Lee emphasized that some people are afraid of the sun, sunscreen to prevent sun exposure, do not know, the skin to sun, bones will be strong, no sun, will not be absorbed to play an excellent role; In addition, to have appropriate exercise and consistent, never intense exercise, bones, teeth, healthy, calcium can be absorbed.


It’s a good time to get your bearings… and create your own fighting spirit.

So, if you want to keep your bones for good, you’d better hurry! Dr. Lee said, “Don’t say you need to rest when you are old, but you need to exercise even more. If you don’t want to move when your physical strength declines, your body’s tissues will collapse, but you need to guide yourself to develop a fighting spirit. If you want to maintain your joints from being compressed, you should sunbathe and exercise more.

Practicing Balance Meditation to protect joints, increase muscle endurance, prevent falls, and train physical fitness and balance.

Dr. Lee suggests practicing Balance Meditation to protect joints, increase muscle endurance of lower limbs, and prevent falls. It is also good for the waist, prostate glands, anus, heart, and uterus. Do not drink ice water during exercise, or you will injure your joints. The back of the head is suspended in the air. He says that the back of the brain is subject to gravity, while the eyes receive light energy from the magnetic field of the universe. If you practice consistently, you will get results.

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