What’s wrong with the bowel movements? This is how Chinese medicine relieves constipation

Is it normal to have a “bowel movement”? Many people suffer from constipation, and the stools they pass are hard and smelly. Don’t underestimate the importance of your daily bowel movements, which can reveal a lot about your health. Clinically, TCM practitioners will diagnose the disease by the condition of your bowel movements during the consultation. Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners have a set of prescriptions for the possible health risks of constipation and how it should be treated.

The colon is the “conduction organ” and it takes time to pass a bowel movement.

What do TCM practitioners think is the cause of constipation? Chinese medicine practitioner Lee Sheng-Pu said, human beings have stool and urine, stool is semi-solid state, and urine is liquid, the large intestine is “the conduction of the function, changes come out”, as for semi-solid stool will cause constipation, not just hard stool, often because of insufficient knowledge of defecation, do not understand that defecation is different from urine, it takes time, defecation has to wait patiently for five to ten minutes.

Stress can lead to abnormal gastrointestinal motility and poor conduction in the large intestine.

Dr. Lee explained that modern people are often nervous, leading to abnormal gastrointestinal peristalsis, poor conductive function of the large intestine, food stagnation in the intestine does not flow, as well as dry water absorption, fermentation of heat generated by bad, less water in the colon, stool will become hard; coupled with the lack of patience to relax to defecate, you may be very nervous to force the bowel movements, resulting in hemorrhoids, anal prolapse, vascular congestion and bleeding, and internal force to defecate, may affect the cerebral blood vessels lead to cerebral hemorrhage, so we must remember not to force the bowel movements.

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The large intestine and the lungs are the same as each other, and the large intestine is dry and produces gas, so you should always hydrate.

In addition, Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu pointed out that the large intestine is the place where water becomes gas, so we should always drink water; however, some people are too strong diuretic, but also reduce the water in the large intestine, because the human body is pneumatic adjustment, the large intestine and the lungs are for the surface, the lungs will adjust the water in the large intestine will adjust the gas of the lungs, the lungs are gold water, the large intestine is dry gold production gas, so breathing is not smooth, and the large intestine produces insufficient gas related.

Laxatives should keep the bowels hydrated so that the stool is not too dry or too hard.

The human large intestine to produce sufficient gas to fight gravity; Dr. Lee  explained that the body will be light only when the gas is sufficient, the lack of gas will be heavy body, it is easy to lack of energy and very tired, so do not just look at defecation, but to look at the overall gasification. Since the use of defecation pills depletes the body’s energy, it is important to take defecation pills with medicines that help to keep the colon hydrated so that the stool is not too dry and hard.

Properly relax by breathing in and out. Choose medication to help colon gasification.

However, the tensions of life in general make the “Conductor” even more so. Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu stressed that because the large intestine and small intestine at any time to peristalsis, peristalsis is not normal, so it is necessary to know how to rest and relax, appropriate relaxation by breathing to regulate gas, as to take medicine to defecate, it is necessary to choose drugs that can help the colon gasification, peristalsis and maintenance of water, so that the body will not be weak, the colon gas enough to withstand the tension, so that there will be no hemorrhoids and constipation, otherwise the colon will not be able to have a stable metabolism of water.

Eat a balanced diet with plenty of vegetables and fiber for easy bowel movement.

What should I eat to help my bowel movement? Dr. Lee suggests a diet rich in vegetables and not over-eating. The small intestine is to absorb nutrients, and the large intestine is to have residue in the diet, so the large intestine needs a lot of fiber, fiber can make the large intestine have gas, sufficient water content, in order to make the bowel movement smoothly, if there is not enough residue, it will be difficult to defecate.

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Originally from: Healthnews.com.tw
Healthnews/ Reporter Ka-Ching Kwan reports