Chinese herbal medicines are manufactured according to the needs and medicinal properties of each herb, and are processed in an appropriate way.

Chinese herbal medicines are manufactured according to the needs of pharmaceutical industry and the medicinal properties of each herb. Choose the appropriate processing method to produce the medicine, the intermediate process is the “Pao Zhi”.

Chinese herbs are taken from nature to remove impurities and extract the maximum healing effect, and are transformed into medicines in a shape suitable for consumption. This process is called “Pao Zhi”. In the beginning, the ancient Chinese used simpler methods such as washing and chopping, but later they used fire to process the shells and added different kinds of additives such as alcohol. In the end, hundreds of processing methods were developed to choose the appropriate method according to the different herbs and the required dosage form.

The main functions of the herbs are as follows.

  1. remove impurities and select desired areas
    For example, the roots and stems of ephedra, the lotus seed and the heart of the lotus are used for different purposes and need to be adjusted to suit the prescription.
  2. Enhancing the efficacy of drugs or adjusting the efficacy to meet the needs of patients
    Adding excipients, such as wine or honey, to the preparation process can enhance the effectiveness of the medicine. Rehmannia is a combination of raw rehmannia and alcohol, which is then boiled and dried to give it a different effect. Scope of use.
  3. To eliminate or reduce drug toxicity and side effects
    Some herbs may cause adverse side effects when taken directly, so they need to be processed or excipients added to reduce their toxicity to a safe level or to correct their side effects.
  4. Change the taste and odor to reduce the discomfort of taking it.
    Animal or other fishy herbs that may make you sick to your stomach when taken directly, can be improved by concoction to make them easier to ingest.
  5. Easy to process into the required dosage form and easy to decoct to obtain the maximum number of active ingredients
    In the case of ore, hard plant parts, fruit seeds, animal horns or shells, herbs that are not easy to prepare directly or difficult to decoct will be processed appropriately for each herb to maximize their therapeutic effect.

After being made and decocted into a soup, it can be consumed directly and can be further processed into other dosage forms if required for long-term storage or carrying. There are two main types of herbal products in Sham Po, namely “Black Pills”, a pill made by traditional methods, and “Powder”, a powder made by modern scientific methods. Both are purely natural ingredients and the description of “Black Pills” will be found in the “Black Pills” section. What? How did you make it? Further explanation.

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