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Supports natural detoxification of the liver and healthy liver functions
Formulated by Taiwan’s Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu, renowned Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor
Sold & trusted worldwide for over 40 years

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Product Description

◆Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) explains liver damage will cause poor liver blood circulation leading to dizziness, fatigue, vision blurriness. Liver damage is often caused by lack of sleep, malnutrition and excessive alcohol consumption.

◆Sheng-Pu Yang Gan Wan (YGW) is designed by Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu, a renowned TCM Doctor in Taiwan that specializes in liver and digestive medicine, and is one of the best-selling liver formulations in Taiwan for over 40 years. Based on TCM formulation, Yang Gan Wan is a well-researched formulation of nourishing herbs that help support healthy liver functions such as filtering out environmental toxins and metabolizing nutrients. Great for people who want to detoxify their liver and maintain healthy liver functions. Safe for long-term use. It's time to take care of our liver and our health. Does not contain milk thistle. This is the Yang Gan Wan studied in scientific journals

Additional Information

Organ Liver
Usage Serving size is 7 pills per serving, twice a day or 14 pills before breakfast. Children age 8-15, take 10 pills before breakfast.
Indications Hepatic insufficiency, dim eyes, tears
Ingredients ◆ Origin: Taiwan
◆ Ingredients: Angelica, Plantago, Radix Paeoniae Alba, Windproof, Radix Rehmanniae, Radix Rehmanniae, Citrus aurantium, Honey
◆ Date of manufacture & Self-life: Indicated on product packaging
◆ Preservation method: Please put in dry and cool place, avoid the sunlight
Warning ◆ Keep out of reach of children.
◆ Storage method: Please place in dry and cool place, avoid sunlight
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Brand Sheng-Pu Natural Products

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    I've been working for a foreign (Korean) company. Growing up in America I had not realized how much drinking comes while doing business with Asian companies. I started having trouble waking up and was feeling tired all the time. I went for a blood checkup and my results came back with high triglycerides and a bunch of other health concerns due to drinking. Unfortunately, this is difficult with the industry I'm in. A client from Taiwan recommended this famous Liver pill he's been taking for 6 months and said the results are amazing. So far, I'm on my third month, I wake up feeling more energetic throughout the day and have seen an improvement in my triglyceride levels. I'm excited to see what the improvements are in another 3 months.

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    Good for energy

    Recommended by friend from Taiwan

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