SP Cold & Detoxification Tablet

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Cleanses heat and detoxifies the body.

Prevent, fight against seasonal influenza viruses.

Pure Chinese medicine formula, not harmful to liver, intestines, stomach, sleepiness, suitable for adults and children.

Product Description

A selection of authentic Chinese medicinal materials is prepared according to the ancient method of Yin Qiao San Recipe, and then refined using current technology. The combined use of various medicines can disperse the wind and cold, and has a therapeutic effect on evil wind, fever, cough, sore throat, headache, and thirst.

Additional Information

Usage Adults take 6 ~ 7 tablets at a time, 8 ~ 15 years old take 4 ~ 5 tablets, 5 ~ 7 years old take 3 ~ 4 tablets, before three meals (fasting) with plain water.
Indications Early onset of febrile illness, fever and slightly chills, headache and thirst, cough and sore throat

◆ Capacity; 200 tablets / bottle
◆ Origin: Taiwan
◆ Shelf life: Please mark the product packaging as the main component
◆ Composition: Please mark the product packaging as the main component
/> ◆ Date of manufacture: Please mark it according to the package of the product
◆ Storage method: Please keep it in a dry and cool place, avoiding sunlight


◆ Keep out of reach of children.
◆ Storage method: Please place in dry and cool place, avoid sunlight

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Brand Sheng-Pu Natural Products

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