Lin Sanyi acne brush

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Clean massage, completely comfortable

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Product Description

Still bare hands wash it? LSY Lam Sang Yee and beauty expert Liu Yan teacher, the first cross-border cooperation to launch "Liang Yan series - skin care brush"; to wash your face every day, as if on the face like yoga, feel the face every inch of skin clean and relaxed, Enjoy the result of non-sense of pull Yo!

The full range of products to skin-friendly appeal as the prerequisite, in addition to an anti-bacterial bristles treatment; in the skin clean, the use of ultra-fine bristles effectively remove impurities in the pores of the dirt and the old keratin effectively; skincare, the use of Bristle stretch, can be more effective in extending essence or moisturizer and other beauty products to the skin; smashing big money in skin care products and facial cleaning products is not enough, workers want to be good things, we must first sharpen its use ~ method Do more with less is the king! Let you unwittingly become beautiful secret, are hiding in these few babies it.

Round fiber wool with a unique central protruding design, concentrated bristles flexible, cylindrical brush handle is conducive to the stability of pressurized massage. For the key parts of the circle rubbing, flexible fibers can be cleaning supplies deep into the pores of the skin, softening acne and inhibition of pimples, especially the use of cleaning to produce acne nose, nose, chin and cheeks.

Additional Information

Usage Step1: After washing the face, apply an acne brush and apply a suitable cleansing product
Step2: for acne acne Department, to the circle way local cleaning massage
Step3: After cleaning, wash the skin with water
Ingredients ◆ Capacity: 1 ◆ Description of raw materials: see the packaging instructions ◆ Date of manufacture: Please indicate the main packaging ◆ Storage method: Please put in a dry and cool place, avoid sunlight
Warning ◆ Do not use when the skin has a wound, eczema and other abnormalities.
◆ When using the skin is red, itchy, irritating and other abnormalities, please stop using and consult a physician.
◆ avoid accidentally strayed eyes, if accidentally strayed into, rinse immediately with plenty of water.
◆ Please place it where children can not get it.
Brand L.S.Y.

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