To fight Coronavirus disease, Chinese medicine is strong in improving lung function

The COVID‑19 has devastated the world, and the public is very concerned about how to prevent it. Wearing a mask and washing hands frequently are essential to prevent the spread of coronavirus. However, not only is it hard to breathe when you have to wear a mask early in the morning, but for smokers, being exposed to the effects of cigarettes If you have poor lung function, you will add a layer of mask to your lungs, making it even worse. So while you’re wearing a mask and washing your hands frequently to prevent coronavirus, don’t neglect your lung care!

Heavy yin and weak immune system. The coronavirus causes serious damage to the lungs

According to Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu, the plague has been around since ancient times, which is known as epidemics and infectious diseases. This year is the year of the Gengzi, G in the five elements of gold, that is, the lung of Tai Yin lung, and the child is this year’s zodiac sign is the rat, according to the Chinese medicine point of view, G with the The lungs are white, and white is very deadly in the five elements. Water begets wood, wood begets fire, fire begets earth, earth begets metal, these are the five elements of the Chinese. In addition to COVID‑19, mankind may be threatened by war, though not war, but on the brink of war.

The COVID-19 in the year of the gentile can cause serious damage to the lungs! Dr. Lee pointed out that damage to the lung yin will lead to a weakening of the positive energy, and most importantly, the virus will be transmitted in the air, the human body has a heavy negative energy. Weak immunity will lead to weak sun, and as an ancient saying goes, if you don’t store your essence in winter, you will be sick in spring. In order to safeguard our health, the body should store up energy in the winter and not to overdo it or get tired in the winter. Overdo it so as not to weaken your resistance.

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The first thing you need to do to fight off the virus is to help your body’s energy and vitality

Dr. Lee further pointed out that the world was using quarantine to combat coronavirus and that since the virus was now visible to humans, it would be difficult to detect it. But this also increases the panic among us. As for viral infection, it is replicated in the human body, not only in the lungs, but also in the metabolic system of the whole body. If there is no oxygen in the body, the cells cannot survive and will suffer from pain and difficulty in breathing. In the prevention and treatment of diseases through the Taiyin and Lung meridians, the first thing to do is to help the body’s yang energy, so that the body’s strong yang will naturally have no problem in resisting diseases.

As for the treatment of COVID-19, Dr. Lee believes that it is right to enhance immunity and develop a vaccine. In his analysis, in fact, when encountering the virus, it is necessary to have resistance, and to help resistance, it is necessary to have enough energy and vitality, so that the metabolism of the lungs and the respiratory system can produce a stronger ability, which can be helped by Chinese medicine.


Using Chinese herbs to increase body energy and body yang is important

Dr. Lee explained that in the West, a respirator is used to treat coronavirus disease, and when a person cannot breathe, the machine helps him breathe, but he still has to rely on himself to tide over the most difficult time. Chinese medicine is to increase body yang and body qi, so that the immune system will naturally be strengthened, enhance the immune system and help it to tide over the difficulties.

The coronavirus damages the entire cellular mucosa, so the patient’s prognosis is important too! The virus attacks the lungs, causing fibrosis, and the body’s respiratory system, not just the lungs, has a metabolic system for air. Respiration is the metabolism of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the cells, which are exchanged into the body cells in the blood. Oxygen and carbon dioxide are very important metabolites of Qi in life; therefore, Chinese herbs can be used to regulate health.

Chinese medicine for pulmonary function is a strong suit, miraculously surviving at age 79

The use of Chinese medicine for pulmonary function is a strong point; Dr. Lee Sheng-Po, for example, has a 79-year-old patient who was originally declared brain-dead and suffering from heart and lung failure by Western doctors. The patient’s son was brought home and died after being extubated. Dr. Lee prepared Chinese medicine soup and powder for him, and gave him the medicine through the nasopharyngeal tube. It was a miracle that his eyes lit up and he could reach his arms. Dr. Lee says this is a miracle of Chinese medicine, and this patient is now 86 years old and can still ride a motorcycle instead of lying in a hospital bed on a ventilator.

To restore the body’s prana by using the yin in the yang to restore instincts

Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu explains that diseases such as lung capacity, lung function, asthma and dyspnea are often treated by Western doctors with steroids, although taking steroids is not enough. After the steroids, your body will become stronger, but it will swell up, and the steroids will have strong effects and side effects. In fact, steroids are the kidney yang in the body, and kidney yang is the quality of the para-kidney skin. Activate the energy of yang in the tissues of the body; therefore, it is important to be able to restore your kidney function, which you can act on yourself! Chinese medicine focuses on the changes of qi, which is very much related to the yang in yin. When there is a lack of yang in the body to balance the needs, Chinese medicine emphasizes the natural restoration of functions to restore the body’s energy. Restore their instincts.

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