Tired eyes, runny eyes, oily eyes, it’s all about liver health!

Do you suffer from eye strain, oily eyes or excessive eye discharge? According to traditional Chinese medicine, the liver opens the orifice to the eyes and causes excessive eye discharge, oily discharge and eye fatigue, all of which are related to the liver. So, to keep your eyes healthy, you first need to take care of your liver health. As to what should be done to keep the liver healthy? Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu, a liver specialist, said, the liver and eyes are closely related, and if you have enough nutrition and sleep, you can make the liver biochemically good and your eyes will be bright and lively.

The coming of the Age of Sacred Farming… is all about supplying the sighted with organs.

Thirty years ago, Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu, a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, pointed out that the time of shin-tillage had come, that is, people had to use their spirit, eyes and ears to lead their way. He explained that because the speed of human eyes is incomparably fast, if you want to lead people to go, the first thing is the eyes, people can see the sky at a glance, driving fast cars need eyes to navigate, looking at science to see cell phone information, all rely on the eyes, good eyesight is very important; however, the organ that supplies the vision is the focus.

Improve your eyesight, liver is the root of the problem

“If you want to improve your eye problems, you have to start with your liver first. Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu pointed out that the liver is the organ of metabolism, in addition to the liver oracle in the eyes, the effect on the eyes, and the kidney oracle in the second yin, which is the reproductive organs, because the liver and kidney originate from the same source, so will affect each other; for example, whether there is a blind date call, whether there will be love, or eyes to glance at whether there will be a fight, the eyes are the first line of the fastest.

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To keep your eyes good, you must know how to rest.

Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu further points out that being easily fatigued means that the liver does not have enough energy, not enough chemical energy for the liver. If you have enough nutrition and sleep, you can make the liver live and breathe. The word “rest” means that there is wood in human beings, and liver is wood, which means that people should not move their brains when they are resting, and modern people think too much and move too much. So, to keep your eyes well, you must know how to rest.

Know how to rest, to charge the liver.

Dr. Lee explains that liver chemicals can be made in the liver from the food you eat. The chemical composition of the liver is astronomical, and what you eat may not necessarily make up for what you eat, if the chemical capacity of the liver is not good, then the ingredients may not be absorbed and may not be available. You need to know how to rest, to charge in the liver so that the liver recovers quickly, taking liver medication is a general supplement, but in addition to medication, you also need to have balanced nutrition.

Meditation increases the liver’s energy… allowing for a full chemical reaction to life.

As for how to charge the liver? Dr. Lee explained that the liver’s ability to rest normally, or to strengthen the dharma rest, such as meditation and the practice of Buddhism, is the main chemical guide for the eyes. In traditional Chinese medicine, the liver is considered to be a general and a strategist, and it is important for people to have designs and routes for their lives. The Heart Sutra observes the Bodhisattva, observing is resting energy for the eyes, the method is not just by sleeping; people have to be active in order to be active on earth, thoughts have to move, life has to move, people have to be active in order to live a wonderful life. Therefore, it is good to sleep, but when we sleep, we can still be active. For example, when we meditate, we can increase the energy of the liver, so that life can have sufficient chemical reactions.

A man with an inventive mind must have bright eyes.

What if the liver is already abnormal? Dr. Lee suggested to find a doctor and a trustworthy liver medication for normal maintenance; he said, “The Buddha treats those who have the fate, and the master has the fate of his master. Since the human body is similar to natural things, that’s why the liver is so important and has such a great influence; and to be creative, one’s eyes must be bright and one’s mind must be clear.

A healthy liver gives you the energy you need to live life to the fullest!

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