The Theory of Chinese Medicine for Kidney Physiological Functions

It forms the renal system with the bladder, bone marrow, brain, hair and ears. The Kidneys are the source of essence, Qi and bones, and are the source of yin and yang in the internal organs and the source of life, so it is called the innate source.

The kidneys are located on both sides of the lumbar spine, one on the right side and one on the left side, with an oval and curved shape like cowpeas. It forms the kidney system with the bladder, bone marrow, brain, hair and ears. The kidneys are the main reservoir of essence, water and fluid, the main nerve and bone, and are the source of yin and yang in the human body and the source of life. It is water in the five elements and is the yin of yang. It corresponds to winter in the four seasons.

The kidneys store essence, which is essential for growth and development

The kidney has the function of storing essence, which is closely related to the growth, development and reproduction of the human body. Essence is the primordial substance that constitutes the human body and is the material basis of various functional activities of the human body. The essence stored in the kidney includes “innate essence” and “acquired essence”, which are interdependent and mutually reinforcing. The inborn essence provides the material foundation for the acquired essence. If the kidneys do not store essence, it will affect the growth and development of human beings, resulting in stunted growth and development, such as sluggish growth and weak muscles and bones in children, and poor growth and development in adults. It affects reproductive ability, resulting in decreased reproductive ability, such as impotence, ejaculation and infertility in men, and menstrual disorders and infertility in women.

Kidney relies on water and fluid

Aqueous humor is a general term for normal fluids in the body. The kidneys have the function of hosting and regulating the body’s aqueous metabolism. The human body’s fluid metabolism consists of two aspects: one is the distribution of fluids from water and grains, which have the function of moistening and nourishing organs and tissues, throughout the body. Secondly, the metabolism of the internal organs and tissues is used to expel the turbid fluid from the body. These two functions can only be accomplished by the gasification of the kidneys. The opening and closing of the kidney has a certain influence on the balance of the body’s water and fluid metabolism. “Open” is the output and discharge, and “close” is the closure, so as to maintain the relatively stable storage capacity of body fluids. Under normal physiological conditions, since human kidney yin and kidney yang are in relative balance, the opening and closing of the kidney is also coordinated. And that’s normal.

Kidney is the main source of Qi

The kidneys can regulate breathing by absorbing inhalation qi from the lungs. Although the lungs are the masters of the respiratory movement of the human body, the inhalation of human qi must go down to the kidneys, the kidney qi for the intake, in order to breathe smoothly and smoothly. Evening out. Normal respiratory movement is the result of the coordination between the lungs and the kidneys. Only when the kidneys have abundant qi and normal absorption, the lungs can breathe evenly and the airway is smooth. If the air intake function of the kidneys declines, and they have no power to take in air and the air inhaled cannot be attributed to the kidneys, there will be more exhalation and less inhalation, difficulty in inhalation, and difficulty in moving. Pathological changes such as asthma and even kidney failure.

Kidney orifices in the ears and erin

The function of the ears relies on the supply of kidney essence. Adequate kidney essence leads to sensitive hearing; insufficient kidney essence leads to tinnitus and hearing loss. In addition, although the storage and excretion of urine is a function of the bladder, it also relies on the pneumatic function of the kidneys. Therefore, frequent urination, urinary leakage, oliguria and dysuria are often related to kidney dysfunction. Although excretion of faeces is performed by the large intestine, it is also related to the function of the kidney. Constipation.

The kidney is the main bone

The kidney harbors essence, which can produce marrow and the marrow is hidden in the bone cavity to nourish the bones. With sufficient kidney essence, bone marrow will be plentiful and the bones will be nourished by the marrow to build up their strength. If there is a shortage of kidney essence and insufficient bone marrow to nourish the bones, there will be weak bones and even poor development, such as the common clinical condition of “hypogonadism”. In many cases, children’s bregma is closed and their bones are weak and weak because of insufficient kidney essence. In addition, teeth are not only bone, but also kidney essence, and poor teeth are also related to kidney.

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