The air pollution is so dirty! What should I do if my health has serious problems?

Have you noticed that air pollution is really serious? According to the Environmental Protection Agency’s air quality monitoring stations, air quality indicators across Taiwan often reach the orange alert, and in some places, even spike to the red alert. Air pollution is not only harmful to people with allergies, but also to the general public, causing allergic people to suffer from severe asthma and even heart disease and lung cancer, which can pose a threat to health.

Air pollution is serious and the first damage is to the lungs

For the current serious air pollution, the primary damage is the lungs! The lungs are gold in the five elements, and gold is qi. If the air is bad and the lungs cannot breathe clean air, the mind will be bad and the heart will not be happy. As for the lungs healthy people do not have depression, because the air is good, the lungs are strong, the heart and soul will be happy; in addition, the lungs have enough temperature and humidity, the skin will definitely have elasticity, because the lungs are the main skin.

Nose allergy, asthma, rheumatic heart disease and insufficient pulmonary vaporization

And air pollution, why some people are not okay, some people are not okay? Dr. Lee Sheng-pu analysis, this is because of the dryness of the lungs and lung humidity, and when the stomach temperature is low, the lungs have less water vapor, it will be difficult to mediate the blood concentration, as for the lungs have phlegm is because the lungs are too dry, which in turn causes coughing, asthma and breathing difficulties, healthy lungs have fiber villi to clear the lung pollution, normal lungs inside the gasification fluid, can bring off the dirty air. Nose allergy is due to insufficient gas, no heat, resulting in a runny nose, nose allergy, asthma and rheumatic heart disease, all because the lung temperature is too low, the lungs are not enough gasification, the body does not produce enough body gas caused.

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Strengthen lung maintenance Drink less ice water, exercise more, and absorb more phentermine

Therefore, Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu stressed that we should pay more attention to lung maintenance, drink less ice water, exercise more, absorb more phentermine, and go to places with good air to exercise, so that the lungs can speed up the excretion of bad things, and the brain will be healthy and the nervous system will also be good. Although air pollution is unavoidable, we can start from ourselves, walking in the suburbs is also an option, and blood circulation will also be good. We all work together on the big environment, and create our own small environment.

Air pollution is a human factor and the environment needs to be protected by everyone.

Dr. Lee Sheng-pu, a Chinese medicine doctor, pointed out that air pollution is caused by human beings, PM2.5 suspended particles will be in the air for a long time, the extreme climate and the lack of morality in the emission process, air pollution will always come, it is all a human factor; however, people will be restrained and change in order to survive, the air pollution problem will be solved. In Germany, 80% of the energy is green, and the invention of the electric car shows that we need to work together to change the environment. The air in the streets of Taipei is very bad, and there is a stench everywhere, when all people realize that air is important and work together to protect the environment, I believe it will be a great success.

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