Frequent urination, urinary leakage, incontinence to remedy the Chinese doctor diaper-free method to stop leakage reported you know

Frequent urination and leakage is an embarrassing problem! At the age of 40 or 50, the bladder becomes increasingly weak, even because the volume becomes smaller, there may be incontinence symptoms. Middle-aged men are even worried about whether it is a phenomenon of kidney deficiency and whether it will affect their sexual performance. Many women are also prone to frequent urinary incontinence after childbirth, and middle-aged women are also worried about frequent urination, leakage, and even incontinence near menopause due to hormonal changes. Chinese medicine doctor Sheng-Pu Lee shares tips for bladder maintenance that can help save you from mid-life crisis.

Eliminate frequent urination, urine leakage and incontinence Bladder maintenance from the Journey to the West

Frequent urination, leakage and incontinence can happen to both men and women. The secret of bladder maintenance is explained by Dr. Li Shenpu from the Book of the Journey to the West, he started his monastic practice at the age of 12 and has been reading the Book of the Journey to the West since he was a child. At the age of 80, he said he lives for 80 years, a doctor for 63 years, a Buddhist in his past life and a Buddhist in his present life, and has a thorough understanding of the human body. He said all the Chinese Taoist spirits are shown in Journey to the West.

Why do you have frequent urination, leakage and incontinence? Bladder Qi can’t be stopped!

Dr. Li Shenpu pointed out that the Journey to the West is the root of Taoism, from which one can learn more about the relationship of life, in which the autonomic nerve is the Jade Emperor, representing the total management of all autonomic nerves; the random nerve is the Monkey King, which can attack the mountains and create, and through the bladder, which can be compared to the ” Jingu Bang”, also known as the needle of the God of the Sea, to calm the ” sea (qi)” in the body.

Dr. Sheng-Pu Lee explained that the “sea” referred to in the Journey to the West is the human body’s Qi, the body’s universe and heaven and earth, once the “sea (Qi)” can control the failure of the Jingu Bang, usually the person is not flexible in old age, along with the lower body urination, sexual function are affected, “no sexual function only urine function of the elderly is still healthy, but some elderly people can not even control urine, there will be urine out of control and leakage of urine symptoms. The symptoms of uncontrolled urination and urine leakage.”

Solve the problem of frequent urination and leakage

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The bladder belongs to the solar meridian in Chinese medicine and needs to be toned in order to have physical strength

“Chinese medicine is all about systemic and interactive mechanisms! Dr. Lee explained that the bladder belongs to the “foot and sun meridian” of the six meridians, which is related to the strength of the lower body. The sun can make fire, so the urine is warm, and can bear the water in the bladder, so that it can move freely.

The so-called frequent urination, urine leakage and incontinence, representing the decline of energy in the human body, which in turn affects the bladder’s qi, so it is necessary to replenish qi to enhance energy, in order to have physical strength. Dr. Sheng-Pu Lee emphasized that the bladder is the organ that supports the whole body Qi, the bladder can support a lifetime, if the bladder only 200cc want to urinate, must be a decline in body Qi, no body Qi, will also have no physical energy.

The foot has the Qi to be healthy daily walking 10,000 steps can be judged

Dr. Sheng-Pu Lee suggested that you can check your physical fitness from your normal life, to deduce whether the Qi is sufficient, he mentioned that, from the point of view of Chinese medicine, the bottom of the feet to bear the maximum weight, the ancient people called each other foot, that is, in praise of the other party is to have vital energy, you can usually observe whether walking will gasp to determine, a person to bear more than eighty kilograms of body walking more than 10,000 steps, on behalf of the foot whether there is Qi, Qi is very healthy, foot power to have The footwork is good. In addition, Chinese medicine practitioners also encourage the practice of his Balance Zen, which can help the lower body qi sufficient.

The bladder is a “water” chemical organ that turns water into Qi to make the whole body lighter

Dr. Sheng-Pu Lee said that the bladder meridian in Chinese medicine is from the eye point to the heel, to the back of the brain and both sides of the spine to the bottom of the foot, in addition to the kidney meridian is also on the bottom of the foot, the bladder meridian and kidney meridian support “a piece of sky”; bladder in Chinese medicine, is the “water” chemical organ, can convert the water in the bladder, into Qi, and then the body feels lighter.

He cited the example of Shakyamuni Buddha sitting in meditation under the Bodhi tree, in fact, is enjoying the highest happiness, is to reach the world of bliss, is in the practice of oxygen changes in the body, learn to replenish the Qi, practice Qi, is an important course of bladder function, and even physical health.

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