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  • TTL Anka Biscuit
    Using unique top-level health care products developed by Hongjian, it features no added artificial colors, crispy and delicious, unique flavor, sweetness but not greasy food, indulge in everything from season to age, vegetarians are available.
  • TTL Anka Sachima
    Also known as "蕯 馬 horse" is a shout for transliteration delicious dessert meaning. In "Yanjing's Analects of Time," a member of Qing courtesy courtesy of Chen Yan-chen, said: "The horse is a horse of the state, with rock sugar and cream mixed with white flour. It is shaped like glutinous rice and cooked in a non- , Sweet and edible. "Sachima won people's favor with its soft, sweet, imported, non-stick mouthfeel with the addition of health products such as red snapper and cranberry, and the product does not add any artificial coloring And preservatives, is the best best snack and New Year gift best match hands.
  • TTL Rice Cake-Spiced salt
    Using natural ingredients like kimchi powder and brown rice noodles and other healthy ingredients, with exclusive seasoning recipe (spicy) and puffing technology, we make spicy chutney with crisp and tasty sake, snow white syrup, When the best unforgettable dessert.
  • TTL Sake Vinasse Biscuit
    Brown sugar to add, which is characterized by not adding artificial colors, crisp and delicious, nutritious, sweet and not greasy, never stop eating, rich sour yeast flavor, fragrant smell, unique flavor, suitable for all ages, vegetarian is also suitable for snack The best food
  • TTL Sake Vinasse Chives Soda Cracker
    ◆ Use 100% natural refined sake yeast ◆ Produced by the original Taiwan Brewery, Quality Assurance ◆ Eat never bored, young and old fit, plant five Xin vegetarian edible