In summer, we need to take care of the heart. Summer is fire, and fire is the heart. Blood is red, and so is fire. Fire is kinetic energy, and the kinetic energy of everything is fire. Summer is the season for heart damage because people like to eat ice in summer, and eating ice can lower the body’s blood circulation too much. Therefore, if you eat too much ice, you will often suffer from heart valve prolapse disease or braking to the middle air. Many people are used to drink ice water after exercise, but this is not good for the body, if the exercise after the cold water but a little better for the body. It is best to take a short break after exercise, and then replenish water when the body temperature drops and the heartbeat eases.

Why is it said that summer hurts the heart? First, the sunshine is long, so the work and exercise are larger. Second, many people often drink iced drinks after the main meal can not eat. The daytime consumption of so many calories, and less nutrition, the body does not have enough nutrients to produce kinetic energy. This time become lazy, no physical strength and impetus, but also need to work, so emotionally will become have to do, but the actual lack of energy to do things, the heart and chest blocked qi is insufficient, the mood will become worse. If you can pay attention to your diet and lifestyle habits in summer, you can prevent heart disease.

It’s natural to want to eat cold food in hot weather, but it’s important to exercise restraint. The temperature of the water you drink into your body should preferably not be lower than 25 degrees. It is best if you can drink warm water that is a little warmer than your body temperature, close to 40 degrees. Drinking warm water will continue to sweat, if you drink cold water will also continue to sweat, but the whole body will be weakened, the explosive force is not good, if you continue to exercise will easily cause sports injuries.

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Originally from: Health Chinatimes
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