The relationship between liver and stomach is closely linked, in order to have a healthy stomach you need to treasure your liver!

Normal metabolism of the liver, gastrointestinal nutrients sent to the liver to decompose, after decomposition that is sent to the heart smoothly, appetite, heart and soul happy, eat more does not! Obesity. With an abnormal metabolism of the liver, the delivery of nutrients from the stomach and intestines to the liver is blocked, resulting in flatulence, hiccups, vomiting, gas and blood discharges. In order to have a healthy stomach, you need to treasure your liver. In addition to general health care, it is also important to live a regular life, get enough sleep, exercise and relax.

Gastric prolapse, flatulence, repeated stomach medication to no avail

Gastric prolapse is not a disease, but a gradual prolapse of the smooth muscle due to fatigue and lack of contraction. When the liver strengthens, the smooth muscles and the muscles of the whole body will gradually be revitalized and the stomach will gradually rise. When the liver is fatigued, the blood vessels in the liver automatically shrink to prevent excessive nutrients from entering the stomach, thus preventing the exchange of blood with the heart and lungs. The vasodilatation of the intra-abdominal cavity. In this case, the first and foremost method is to strengthen the liver capacity. Once the liver capacity is strengthened, the blood vessels in the liver will be relaxed, and the accumulation in the intestines will quickly enter the liver. It is then transported to the heart and lungs for transfer to the whole body.


  • Eat plenty of nutritious foods and vegetables
    “Vegetables grow upward.”

  • Eat less watermelon, oranges, etc.
    “The fruit falls downward.”

  • Limit cold foods and beverages.
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