Stomach aches and bloating, see if you have these habits

Have you ever experienced gastric congestion, not only stomach pain but also flatulence? Due to busy work schedule, people nowadays often have irregular meals or even skip meals, or overeat and eat, which leads to indigestion and stomach pain and flatulence. In fact, in order to improve stomach congestion, stomach pain and flatulence, Chinese medicine can be a quick and effective remedy, but we also have to pay attention to change some bad habits and cultivate some good habits.

The gastrointestinal system is like a black hole in the universe. It has its own biochemical mechanism.

Chinese medicine Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu said that gastrointestinal dyspepsia such as stomach congestion, stomach pain and flatulence, and gastroesophageal reflux are all related to diet and emotions. The human gastrointestinal system is like a black hole in the universe, the biggest black hole is the mouth, the food you eat comes out of another hole, just like the biochemical system, many chemical plants have pipelines, petroleum chain into ethylene and propylene, there is a difference in temperature, there will be different chemical reactions, the human body after eating food, also has its own biochemical mechanism, the large intestine, small intestine, duodenum, appendix and stomach all have interrelationships.

Eating meat, eating rice and drinking ice water at the same time… will make your stomach too cold for digestion.

Therefore, in order to have a healthy stomach and intestines, what we eat is very important. Dr. Lee pointed out that in ancient times people did not live long due to poor nutrition and hygiene, while modern people still have many diseases even though they are well-nourished, all due to abnormal diet, eating ice cream and drinking ice water at will. The reason is because while eating meat and rice and drinking ice water, the temperature in the stomach is too low, which will make the gas insufficient to digest well, and the food will be stagnant in the stomach for too long. With a normal diet,  the brain will automatically calculate how much calories to eat and how much is enough for one day. If you eat a bunch of things and don’t know how full it is, it means that the brain can’t feel the nutrition and calories that you eat.

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Stagnant fermentation in the stomach for too long can cause acid reflux and flatulence.

The reason why many people have a round and fat belly is because they don’t feel that they are eating too many calories; Dr. Lee explained that drinking iced water and eating too many calories requires stomach acid sterilization and proper fermentation before going to the small intestine. If the stomach eats too much, or packs too much, and still feels undernourished, and barely allows food to ferment and stagnate in the stomach for too long, the stomach will accumulate too much water, which will be flushed up the esophagus and cause acid reflux; and if the small intestine is not properly digested, there will be bloating, and digestion is a one-stop biochemical reaction tube.

You need enough fiber in your grains and vegetables, and you need the right amount of water in your meat and fish.

Dr. Lee further analyzed that gastroesophageal reflux is caused by over-eating. The metabolism of the intestines and liver slows down, and too much food accumulates in the stomach and intestines, so the food cannot flow smoothly, and there will be acid reflux and poor digestive function. Therefore, it is important to respect nature, eat grains and vegetables and enough fiber, eat meat and fish and water should be well matched, water consumption should be moderate, food should be fermented, too much water will ferment poorly, must not lack of water, but must not drink a lot of water.

A 20-minute walk after a meal is good for circulation, and can promote the flow of gastrointestinal nutrition.

There’s a reason why you don’t have a healthy body! Dr. Lee emphasized that most people eat recklessly, gobble and do not exercise; after eating, do not just sit there, should get up and walk for twenty minutes to make the circulation better, circulation can drive the flow of gastrointestinal nutrition is positive help; and if you want to take Western medicine, you should also eat something before taking the medicine, because the medicine will absorb water in the stomach, so that the gastric mucosa injury, gastric ulcers eat pills and stimulating food, to comply with the medication. In principle, it is good to take your medication and walk around with water.

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