Staying at home without exercise, blood and hands and feet numbness Chinese medicine doctor appealed to activate blood and move more

The epidemic alert, everyone at home, there is a long time no exercise, poor blood circulation, and muscle stiffness, often hands and feet numb, and even easy to dizziness, and will have chest tightness and breathless! Chinese medicine doctor Sheng-Pu Lee reminded that if the long time sedentary, and lack of exercise, often poor blood circulation, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease, and even the risk of sudden death, it is best to make the blood vessels active, to strengthen the prevention of cardiovascular disease early report.

Triglycerides 3,600. Activate blood vessel herbs + exercise to restore normal

Dr. Sheng-Pu Lee has met many people died suddenly because of poor blood circulation,  he feels very sorry! He said, once treated a mother and daughter, the daughter’s triglycerides reached 3,600, the blood drawn are white and oily, the amount of blood has been very little, she was advised to give up work to focus on medicine and exercise, taking Chinese medicine to make the blood vessels active, and recommended that she walk at least 15,000 steps a day jogging exercise, a few months later her triglycerides dropped to more than 30, and resume normal life; and her mother’s triglycerides Her mother’s triglycerides were over 500, and she was also advised to take Chinese medicine and exercise, and she was back to normal in no time.

Sweating will make the blood sticky Do not drink ice water

Dr. Sheng-Pu Lee even advised people not to drink cold water! He pointed out that Hong Kong artist Andy Lau once said that there are many years do not drink cold water, the Australian tennis champion Novak Jokovic is also more than 30 years do not drink ice water; ice water into the body, to become water in the blood, need to go through the gastrointestinal temperature first gasification, before the blood, water to gasify before the lymphatic vessels to the blood vessels, and exercise will be a lot of sweating, and because of the large amount of sweating will make the blood Sticky, not enough water when supplemented with ice water, and then go to intense exercise, it will make the cardiovascular cramps, it is easy to die suddenly; so, do not drink cold water, this is very important!

High triglycerides mostly have fatty liver, blood metabolism will not be good

In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the fatty liver problem! Dr. Sheng-Pu Lee explained that most people with high triglycerides have a fatty liver, blood metabolism will be bad, high triglycerides and fatty liver will be dry eyes, the brain will be sluggish, just like a cell phone from 5G to 3G, the brain to think fast means that his fat advanced, fat metabolism is good, because all food eaten is broken down and absorbed by the liver, the human body as a whole is a chemical organ. To go through digestion, decomposition, combustion, electrolysis, and assimilation of the human body, the cells become the source of these; if you eat indiscriminately, the chemical process in the body does not circulate, so that tissue precipitation, hardening, etc., will cause physical ill health.

Activate blood vessel Chinese herbs to detoxify the liver and make the blood oil balance naturally

To prevent sudden death, in addition to drinking warm water, eating more vegetables and exercising, so that the nutrient metabolism is good, so that the blood concentration is normal, Dr. Sheng-Pu Lee emphasized that taking Chinese medicine is also very important, and the Chinese medicine to activate the blood vessels can dredge the liver and defecate, so that the oil in the blood can be balanced naturally, the blood is too viscous and too thin, the blood balance in order to smooth the blood vessels, so that people with numbness in the hands and feet, chest tightness, stiff neck, high triglycerides It will help people with numbness, chest congestion, stiff neck and high triglycerides to get relief.

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