SK2 RNA Ultra Skin Tightening Cream

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◆ Full three-dimensional compact Longitudinal enhance skin firm, horizontal and fine pores to achieve a full range of three-dimensional compact, the skin from which point of view, are young and shiny. From now to the next 15 years, rewrite the fate of your skin.

Product Description

The new SK-II RNA Super Muscle Activating Cream, which can effectively improve the vertical and horizontal skin aging problems, 10 days to improve 10 aging phenomenon, 28 days to enhance the degree of 30% overall firmness, enhance the overall three-dimensional firmness of the lock, the lock Stay young in the next 15 years, glow youthful.

After 1 day of use, this full-function skin care cream can fully tighten pores. After 10 days of use, it can further improve 10 aging phenomena of the skin and make the skin firmer, smoother and more shiny. Spent 1 bottle, you can significantly reduce the fine lines, with the super-elastic RNA can be used to strengthen the essence of elastic fine, but also enjoy the PITERA and super muscle factor of excellence, to help you lock up from now to the next 15 years Young skin.

Additional Information


1. Take a pearl-sized RNA Super Muscle Activation Cream
2. With fingertips will live cream in the forehead, cheeks and chin position
3. From the center of the outside slowly pushed to the whole face


◆ capacity: 80g
◆ shelf life: according to the packaging of the main packaging ◆ Ingredients: see the packaging instructions ◆ Date of manufacture: according to the packaging of the main goods ◆ preservation methods: Please be placed in a dry shade, to avoid sunlight


◆ Do not use when the skin has a wound, eczema and other abnormalities.
◆ When using the skin is red, itchy, irritating and other abnormalities, please stop using and consult a physician.
◆ avoid accidentally strayed eyes, if accidentally strayed into, rinse immediately with plenty of water.
◆ Please place it where children can not get it.

Brand SKII

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