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  • Senka Perfect Mist Day
    ◆ Lotion, Lotion, Beauty Lotion, a bottle of three simple and easy to spray a moisturizer to complete
  • SENKA moisturizing specialist bullet care lip balm
    Japan original, developed for the lips skin lip balm, moisturizing lips at any time. Non-sticky fresh texture, rubbed lips at any time is not heavy oily.
  • SENKA moisturizing specialist eye cream
    Unique Moisturizing Particles Moisturize Eye Contour Skin Smooths Fine Lines Unique "Moisturizing Particle Extraction Technology" to Minimize and Moisturize Moisturizing Molecules to Enhance Skin's Absorption and Penetration Efficiency "Double Hyaluronic Acid" Double skin deep moisturizing, long-lasting moisturization to the skin surface and deep "Royal Jelly GL", with high moisturizing and repair ability, deep into the horny, effectively improve dullness, bring new vitality to the skin firm without spices , No pigment, through the skin sensitivity test, the sensitive muscle is also suitable.
  • SENKA moisturizing specialist latex
    "Moisturizing Particle Extraction Technology" to achieve moisturizing cream level yet maintain a moist touch. Cream grade moisturizing and non-sticky feeling coexist tender emulsion. Double hyaluronic acid (moisturizing) - Maintains the skin moisturizing and moisturizing. Royal jelly GL (moisturizing) - deep into the deep horny, moisturizing direct muscle. Highly effective moisturizing ingredients Lipidure - A water-locking film on the skin to prevent water from evaporating and water retention. No added fragrance, color, pass the sensitivity test. (Not all people do not cause allergy symptoms)
  • SENKA moisturizing specialist lotion - Moisturizing type
    Moisturizing cream moisturizing cream to add double hyaluronic acid. Royal Jelly Ingredients 24 hours tender and supple, non-pigmented, non-sticky, patting allows water to penetrate into Muscle base - mixed / oily muscle apply; moist type - dry / peeling skin suitable
  • SENKA moisturizing specialist lotion - refreshing type
    Unique "moisturizing particle extraction technology", the precise calculation of different penetration of moisturizing ingredients, from the skin surface to the bottom can fully moisture. Essence-like moist touch rapidly penetrates into every inch of skin, creating moist, bright and transparent skin. Add whitening active ingredient - stable vitamin C inducer to prevent black spots freckles. Add double hyaluronic acid (moisturizing), Royal jelly cream (moisturizing), can actually feel the continuous moisture. No added fragrance, color, pass the sensitivity test. (Not all people do not cause allergy symptoms)
  • SENKA moisturizing specialist Run Run lip essence
    ◆ "Moisturizing Particle Extraction Technology", moisturizing molecules more easily penetrate the muscle. ◆ add hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, as if to apply moisturizing mask. ◆ intensive repair lips, no sticky feeling. ◆ without adding spices, pigments, through the sensitivity test. (Not all people do not cause allergy symptoms) "
  • SENKA moisturizing specialist special cream
    Moisturizing with deep moisturizing power to continuously replenish the moisture required by the skin
  • Senka Perfect Aqua Rich Extra Moist Mask
    ◆ intensive replenishment moisturizing, long-term maintenance of high moisturizing effect, intensive moisturizing repair, moisturizing the skin supple, makeup more obedient.
  • Senka Perfect Aqua Rich Luminous Moist Mask
    ◆ For dry and dull skin, intensive moisturizing whitening, long-term maintenance of high moisturizing effect, skin glow as pearly luster translucent.
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