Scleroderma is associated with liver and lung disease. Chinese medicine starts with liver care

Did you know that many diseases are strongly linked to liver health? Scleroderma in Western medicine is an autoimmune disease with microangiopathy as the main cause, as the immune disorder leads to fibrosis and disfunction of the skin and internal organs. According to the theory of Chinese medicine, scleroderma makes the skin hardened, the blood vessels hardened, and the lungs fibrotic, all related to the liver, is because the liver function is not strong and disorder leads to, so the liver treatment, cultivate the liver digestive enzymes, promote metabolism, can treat scleroderma.

Scleroderma makes it difficult to move, even when well protected.

Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu, a Chinese medicine practitioner, treated a patient with scleroderma living in New York who came back to Taiwan with hardened arms, legs and cheeks, and was unable to smile. Dr. Lee pointed out that the patient’s skin became harder in the winter, and even though she was well protected, she still had difficulty moving, moving her fingers, and bending her arms and legs.

Scleroderma on the forehead. It’s treated and she look better.

Another returned to Taiwan from South Africa to receive treatment for scleroderma. Dr. Lee said that this Taiwanese resident, who had lived in South Africa for over twenty years, was cured of scleroderma and even gave me an ostrich egg as a special gift. Another girl had a five-centimeter depression on her forehead with no flesh growing under the skin, but a dark layer of skin that was spreading. After the treatment, not only the area was healed, but also the whole body looked better.


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Pulmonary fibrosis, cirrhosis of the liver, drug treatment saves life.

It’s not just scleroderma, even pulmonary fibrosis is a hardening of the tissues of the lungs, and so is cirrhosis of the liver. Four to five years ago, there was a patient with pulmonary fibrosis that was so severe that he was intubated and his lung function had collapsed. In the end, Dr. Lee saved his life and he is now able to ride his motorsycle. Another patient, who had been declared ineffective in liver transplantation, suffered from fulminant hepatitis with cancer levels, but was saved by Dr. Lee after a week of medication.

Fatigue, liver dysfunction, liver fibrosis and early treatment.

Dr. Lee emphasized that cirrhosis patients will have hematemesis and ascites, and if there is ascites, it is already very serious; therefore, if you find that there is liver fibrosis, or people are very fatigued and liver function is abnormal, you should protect the liver to treat, don’t wait until there is ascites, then it is not easy to cure.

The treatment of scleroderma requires liver metabolism.

Dr. Lee explained that scleroderma is due to the decline of the metabolism, the basic metabolism does not work, mainly because the liver is unable to break down nutrients, protein is eaten but does not mean that it is absorbed; therefore, it is important that the liver metabolism can work. To treat scleroderma, the liver metabolism must grow new cells, and the old cells will be metabolized so that scleroderma can degenerate according to the natural mechanism.

Can find a good doctor, the patient is lucky. Good medicine is a powerful tool.

“Doctors are wise, and good medicine is a powerful weapon!”, Dr. Lee said. Some doctors know scleroderma, but to have a good medicine this tool to treat the more important, the so-called can find a good doctor, the patient is lucky, the sea of people, to find a cure, a good doctor also need to have a good prescription.

A healthy liver gives you the energy you need to live life to the fullest!

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