Anti-aging combo

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  • Activate liver function and maintain detoxification ability
  • Improve chronic fatigue and give you full vitality
  • Knee weakness, bladder weakness, kidney insufficiency, and intercourse disorders
  • Strengthens the spirit, nourishes the blood, strengthens the muscles and bones
  • Clearing blood and revitalizing blood, tonifying blood and nourishing the kidney
  • Improvement of diseases caused by poor blood circulation

Product Description

Sheng-Pu's star products, all for one!

Anti-aging combo

50 years of affirmation, Anti-aging combo for Better Health. Many people choose Sheng-Pu to take control of their lives together, and so can you!


The SP Pro-Liver Pills, Pen-Long Pills and Pro-Circulation Pill are traditional Chinese medicine, selected natural Chinese herbs, and refined with modern technology, and have been clinically used for over 50 years in the practice of Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu, a renowned Taiwanese doctor.

What is SP Pro-Liver Pills ?

If the liver is damaged, the blood-holding function is inadequate, and dizziness, easy fatigue, lethargy, blurred vision, and multiple mucous membranes in the eyes can occur. Recently, many medical scientists have found that poor liver function, inflammation of liver fire and improper intake of drugs and food are closely related to the improvement of liver function by nourishing the liver blood, allowing the body to convert energy, protecting the liver, reducing environmental harmful substances to the body, and further improving chronic fatigue, which is the physical conditioning of Chinese medicine.

The main function of the liver is “to store blood and regulate blood volume”, said Dr. Lee Sheng-pu. If the liver is healthy and the person is mentally full, he will be happy, and if the liver is damaged, the blood-harvesting function will be inadequate, and there will be dizziness, easy fatigue, lethargy, dullness of vision, and excessive mucous in the eyes.

What is SP Pen-Long Pills ?

The Pen-long pill is a health supplement researched and developed by Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu after years of clinical experiment. Made from deerhorn glue as well as several other medicinal herbs, it is effective yet mild and can be taken year-round to replenish your energy and improve the wellness of your body.

The pill can restore your pelvic area, or the center of your Qi, relax your body, nourish your vitality, promote the flow of energy, and invigorate your blood circulation. It is a natural supplement passed down from ancient times and is suitable for both men and women. The pill can strengthen your knees, calm your overactive bladder, overcome kidney deficiency, revitalize your sexual performance, and prevents bone spurs, osteoporosis and sciatica. The pill can also serve as a supplement for the elderly in the winter, which can prevent the progressive degeneration of muscles and provide them with energy.

What is SP Pro-Circulation Pill ?

SP Pro-Circulation Pill is made by relieving liver qi, relieving stagnation and dissipating accumulation, while Chai Hu rises yang, releases, relieves heat and dissipates stagnation. Combined with other Chinese herbs, it can benefit the Qi and clear the blood. It can treat the symptoms of dizziness, redness and redness of the face, stomach and abdomen bloating and inability to pass stools due to intense emotional ups and downs, staying up all night, or the lack of immediate treatment for a cold.

The treatment of cholesterol in SP Pro-Circulation Pill adopts the “combustion decomposition method”, which is the root cause of heart qi for those with poor blood production function, insufficient blood cells and insufficient oxygen in the blood. It is made by unclogging the liver Qi, relieving stagnation and dissipating the accumulation of stagnation. Together with other Chinese herbs, it can benefit Qi, clear blood, improve circulation, relax blood vessels, and allow nutrients and oxygen to reach the tissues adequately. It can stabilize the heartbeat/relieve symptoms such as dizziness/numbness in the neck/numbness in the hands and feet/constipation in the abdomen and improve diseases caused by poor blood circulation.


What can SP Pro-Liver Pills do for me?

◎ Activate the liver and maintain detoxification

◎ Improve chronic fatigue and give you energy

◎ Make the liver full of blood and eyes not faint.

◎ Protection of the liver from chemical damage, drinking and socializing*.

◎Animal science experiments have shown that cirrhosis can be prevented*

*Hepatology. 2012 Apr;55(4):1271-1281. doi:10.1002/hep.24792.

What can SP Pen-Long Pills do for me?

◎ To help you get back on your feet after a period of exhaustion

◎ Knee weakness, bladder weakness, kidney insufficiency, and intercourse disorders

◎ Strengthens the spirit, nourishes the blood, strengthens the muscles and bones

◎ Gives you the courage and energy you need

What can SP Pro-Circulation Pill
do for me?

◎ Blood Environmental Protection

◎ Clearing blood and revitalizing blood, tonifying blood and nourishing the kidney

◎ Promotes circulation, diastole the blood vessels and stabilizes the heart rate

◎ Enables sufficient nutrients and oxygen to reach the tissues

◎ Improvement of diseases caused by poor blood circulation


Who says Chinese medicine is not scientific? Only SP Pro-Liver Pills have been scientifically proven to be effective in protecting the liver by animal experiments!

Only SP Pro-Liver Pills are scientifically proven to protect the liver of animals in animal studies. The combination of the highest quality Chinese herbs and Dr. Lee’s long years of experience in the art of home made cooking brings the health of Chinese medicine to people all over the world. SP Pro-Liver Pills have been sold worldwide for over 50 years and are a trusted brand in Taiwan.

The Company has engaged the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology and the Department of Cellular and Biological Neurology at the prestigious University of Southern California (USC) to complete animal testing. It was concluded that liver pills can protect animal livers from damage caused by chemicals such as allyl alcohol (AlOH), carbon tetrachloride (CCl4), and acetaminophen, and the results were published in The American Journal of Chinese Medicine and the prestigious American Journal of Hepatology.

Published in the Journal of Hepatology 2012 (Hepatology)

Hepatology. 2012 Apr;55(4):1271-1281. doi:10.1002/hep.24792


pro-liver pills research2

Milestones in Sheng-Pu Pro-Liver Pills Research.



Dr. Lee began to see patients and established a Chinese medicine clinic.


Sheng-Pu Pro-Liver Pills was licensed for marketing.


The Government has assessed the GMP implementation in Chinese medicine manufacturing plants.


Sheng-Pu Pro-Liver Pills  are available in the U.S. and published in the U.S. Physician’s Manual of Drug Use (PDR).


The American Journal of Chinese Medicine AJCM publishes a paper that liver pills can protect the livers of animals from damage caused by chemicals.


Japan’s “International Symposium on Alcoholic Liver Pancreatic Injury and Cirrhosis” (ALPD) published the results of the research on liver pills, which attracted the attention of liver authorities around the world.


The Journal of Hepatology published the therapeutic potential of liver pills in animal studies.

Pure natural oriental herbs, giving you peace of mind and gentle care


The basic idea of Chinese medicine is to blend a variety of natural herbs into a complex formula to achieve a truly comprehensive healing effect.

The four herbs, Angelica Sinensis, Paeonia Lactiflora, Rhizoma Ligustici and Rhizoma Chuanxiong, can nourish the blood; Psyllium Changii can purify the lung and heat the liver, prevent the wind and search the liver and lung; Polygonatum odoratum can relieve the wind and relieve the heat, benefit the water and create light (for bright eyes); and Citrus Aurantium can remove phlegm and remove Qi. Shamura Liver Nourishing Pills can protect the liver, replenish blood and nourish Qi, improve chronic fatigue, improve liver function, liver nourishment is effective and is a trusted liver nourishing sacred product.

SP Pen-long pill is all-natural and good for both men and women and is the best dietary supplement for winter. Feeling tired all the time? Let Pen-long pill refill your energy levels!

SP Pro-Circulation Pill is made by using Chai Hu to relieve heat and promote yang, Da Huang to relieve tangible stagnation under dampness and heat, Citrus Aurantium to clear heat, Scutellaria Scutellaria to relieve dampness and heat in the middle, Scutellaria to relieve dampness and heat in the spleen, Peony to replenish blood, relieve liver fire and stop vomiting, Ginger and Da Zao to relieve internal heat and relieve stagnation, Du Zhong to relieve liver dryness and relieve liver deficiency, Huang Lian to relieve liver and gallbladder, thicken the intestines and stomach and relieve heart stasis. It can clear heat accumulation in the blood, stool accumulation in the intestines, flexible hand and foot muscles and meridians, benefit Qi and clear blood, reduce dizziness, etc. It is a good remedy for the middle and elderly.


SP Pro-Liver Pills Best Spokesperson - Dr. Lee Sheng-pu

Live as you are!
Take care of your health early
and walk the world!

In recent years, in addition to playing golf, Dr. Lee has traveled all over the world, including skiing at Matterhorn in Switzerland, skiing in Colorado, visiting Potala Palace in Tibet, meditation at Chubu Monastery, and rock climbing and water skiing in Indonesia, two of which are above 4,000 meters.

Sheng-Pu Health Quotes: The sooner you take care of your old age, the sooner you will realize that you must take care of your body.

Be young and maintain, and normalize your diet and life early.

How to take it?

  • SP Pro-Liver Pills:
    Take it once a day in the morning and once in the evening for those who are seriously ill; 14 capsules for adults, 5 capsules for ages 2-4, 7 capsules for ages 5-7, 10 capsules for ages 8-15, on an empty stomach with white water.
  • Pen-Long Pills
    Health: 7-9 pills before going to bed or before bedtime.
    Treatment: morning and evening before serving 10-14 pills.
  • SP Pro-Circulation Pill
    Adult 3 times a day, every 5 ~ 8 pills, before meals boiled water
    ※Jiufu served cold, not fresh food and pickles, meatballs (soup), fish balls and other categories, appropriate to increase the sleep time, help the disease

Product FAQ

What are the contraindications to taking SP Pro-Circulation Pill ?

Do not take cold, stale food, pickles, meatballs (spoons), fish balls, etc. while taking the medicine.

As I am busy at work and seldom exercise, can SP Pro-Circulation Pill help to improve my health?

SP Pro-Circulation Pill is suitable for people who do not exercise as part of their daily regimen.

Lately, my hands and feet have become numb, is this caused by poor blood circulation?

There are many reasons for numbness in the hands and feet, and poor blood circulation is one of them.

I am diabetic and have to watch my carbohydrate (carbohydrate) intake in my diet, so how many servings of carbohydrates does honey equal in a day’s worth of medicine?

The SP Pen-Long Pill should be taken in 14 capsules on day 1 for a total of 1.58 grams of honey, which is about 1/3 of the amount of sugar cubes and 1/10 of the amount of carbohydrates (1 serving at 15 grams).
Source: National Diabetes Observatory ROC (Taiwan) Diabetes Society Diabetes Diet Carbohydrate Counting (CHO counting)

Still a bit resistant to taking the medication, after all, worrying about the side effects…

All of Sheng-Pu products are pure Chinese medicine and contain no western medicine, with fewer side effects.

Can SP Pro-Liver Pills and Pro-Liver Powder be used together with SP Pro-Circulation Pill? If I already use SP Pen-Long Pill , can I also use SP Pro-Liver Pills or Pro-Liver Powder?

SP Pro-Liver Pills, Pro-Liver Powder takes with SP Pro-Circulation Pill that can promote circulation and promote blood circulation are more effective.
If you are already using Pen-Long Pill, you can take SP Pro-Liver Pills or Pro-Liver Powder loose in the morning and Pen-Long Pill in the evening.

Can I use the SP Pro-Liver Pills and Pro-Liver Powder with Vitamin A or Lutein in supplements?

Single-complex vitamin A or lutein regimen can be supplemented daily. Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that is better absorbed after meals. SP Pro-Liver Pills and Pro-Liver Powder for the treatment of liver function and improvement of eye drowsiness and fatigue, it is recommended to take them once a day in the morning (and once in the evening for heavy patients). SP Ocubright EX is rich in lutein and vitamin A, which you can choose to take together.

Do you need vitamin A supplement for bad eyes and what are the benefits of adequate vitamin A for your body?

In a normal liver, 90% of the body’s vitamin A is stored in stellate cells in the liver. Vitamin A is essential for healthy eyes, so taking good care of your liver and getting enough vitamin A daily will help you maintain your vision in the dark. It is also effective in boosting the immune system and boosting resistance, as reported in relevant foreign studies.

Bad or fatigued liver, dull eyes, fatigue, I want to improve my liver function, I just need to sleep and rest more, why do I need to take SP Pro-Liver Pills and Pro-Liver Powder?

When the liver’s performance is poor, the eyes will be faint and tired, and the vision will be weak for a long time. Through SP Pro-Liver Pills and Pro-Liver Powder can improve liver function, nourish liver blood, nourish blood and brighten eyes, and restore the health of eye symptoms caused by liver blood deficiency.

Is there anything I should pay attention to in my life when taking SP Pro-Liver Pills and Pro-Liver Powder?

The most important thing is to avoid eating “cold food”, and soy sauce (tofu milk, soy gourd, etc.), tobacco, alcohol, fried food, non-fresh food, processed food (fish balls, ham, etc.) and animal heads and feet are also prohibited. If you are already suffering from hepatitis, you need to rest more and do not be too tired.

What does the instructions mean by “take one additional dose at night for the severely ill”?

If you feel that your liver function is poor, you can take more than one dose per day to boost the effectiveness of your treatment.

There are many liver and eye care products on the market, what is the difference between SP Pro-Liver Pills and Pro-Liver Powder?

SP Pro-Liver Pills and Pro-Liver Powder are approved by the Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare as proprietary Chinese medicines, which are used to treat and nourish the liver and improve drowsiness and fatigue in the eyes. Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu has been using them for more than 50 years, and they are trusted and loved by the public. In addition to following the ancient method, he has also inherited the family’s artisanal method and carefully selected the quality grade of herbs. It has been handed down for more than half a century and can be trusted to be the “most valuable” liver care product of Taiwan Light.

Can women who are pregnant or breastfeeding take it?

Please consult your Chinese medicine practitioner or healthcare provider.

Can I take other medicines or supplements at the same time if I take Sheng-Pu Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Please consult your herbalist or healthcare provider for other products.

Can I adjust the amount I take on my own? Can it be paired with juice or milk?

Please follow the instructions and take with warm boiled water.

I read a lot of single herbal supplements on the internet, why does Sheng-Pu Traditional Chinese Medicine use a combination of herbs?

Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes the use of a combination of medicines, and the effect of a compound prescription is better than a single prescription.

Why are the pills black? Why do you have to eat so many at once?

Since the ingredients are all-natural herbs and half of the pill’s ingredients are honey which is used as a formulating agent, please take it according to its properties and calculate the dosage to achieve the best efficacy. Honey is the best preservative and binder in nature, traditional Chinese medicine is made by combining herbs and honey and baking them into pills to safely extend the shelf life, the pills will only look black, please take it without any worries.


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SP Pro-Liver Pill

  • Radix Angelicae Sinensis
  • Semen Plantaginis
  • Radix Paeoniae Alba
  • Radix Saposhinkoviae
  • Nux Prinsepiae
  • Radix Rehmanniae Preparata
  • Rhizoma Chuanxiong
  • Fructus Aurantii Immaturus
  • Mel

Pen-Long Pill

  • Comus Cervi Fragmenta
  • Cervi Cornus Calla
  • Cuscutae Semen
  • Biotae Semen
  • Radix Rehmanniae Preparata
  • Poria
  • Psoraleae Semen
  • Mel

SP Pro-Circulation Pill

  • Radix Bupleuri
  • Radix et Rhizoma Rhei
  • Fructus Aurantii Immaturus
  • Rhizoma Pinelliae
  • Radix Scutellariae
  • Radix Paeoniae Alba
  • Rhizoma Zingiberis Recens
  • Fructus Jujubae
  • Spica Prunellae
  • Cortex Eucommiae
  • Rhizoma Coptidis
  • Mel


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