Prevention of old age should be supplemented with “three qi” urine more eyes is a warning sign

Most men enter middle age and have to get up several times a night to urinate. Many people say that they never had this kind of trouble when they were young, they used to sleep well and never needed to interrupt their sleep to urinate. Is it because the bladder has become smaller? In addition, people in middle age, more often appear sore eyes, yawning situation, as long as a look at the TV, eyes can not help but close up, turn off the TV, go to bed, but lying in bed, looking at the ceiling, can not sleep for a long time. Experts say this is not a small bladder, nor is it a sleep disorder, but a warning sign of aging!

Chinese medicine doctor  Sheng-Pu Lee said, with the aging of the body, the natural aging, just like a machine used for a long time, if not maintained on a regular basis, it is difficult to expect the machine to operate normally. The general body aging phenomenon, including gastrointestinal function decline, nutrient decomposition and absorption power is poor, physical strength decline, poor memory, sore eyes, stiff muscles and bones, hunchback, body aging, etc..

Kidney energy to prevent aging

From a TCM point of view, these aging phenomena are all related to “kidney qi”. The term “kidney” in Chinese medicine is not entirely related to the “kidney” in Western medicine, which refers to the kidney meridian and the organs and tissues in charge of the circulation of the kidney meridian, which is responsible for the reproductive system, development, urination, endocrine, etc. in modern medicine. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the kidney is the master of water and is responsible for the production of body fluids, regulating all functions and keeping the body functioning and metabolizing normally. Therefore, when the body is aging and its functions are declining, it is necessary to “replenish the kidney qi” so as to live a happy life in old age.

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Chinese medicine doctor Sheng-Pu Lee pointed out that when the body aging, may make the blood production function is not good, the blood volume is not enough, and the blood volume is not enough, the brain cells and blood pressure will have a negative impact, will often hear people say, “old, memory is not good! In addition, modern people have a high awareness of health care, but often ignore the lower body also need to maintain, as for the maintenance of the lower body, especially to make the kidney qi sufficient.

Silver hair health should be supplemented with three Qi!

Dr. Sheng-Pu Lee explained that although aging is a natural phenomenon, there are ways to live a healthier life with silver age. In addition to replenishing the “kidney qi”, we should also replenish the “bone qi” and the “middle qi” of the dantian. The aging of the human body, resulting in the exhaustion of the essence of the muscles and bones diseases, weakness of the limbs; Chinese medicine believes that in order to replenish the bone qi, we must replenish the Dantian bone qi, through the strengthening of the body center to replenish qi and blood, so that the body back to a youthful state, replenish the three qi, in order to make the elderly life more healthy and exciting.

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