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Personal Care & Cosmetics

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  • ARWIN Black Rose Activating Set

    ◆Scientifically engineered using ElfaMoist AC, innovative power-penetrating moisture active with an advanced binding mechanism, you'll feel instant hydration that lasts up to 30 hours. And specialist 4MSK compounds with fierce restorative properties release double-brightening effects that normalize dark spots and create whitening radiance instantly. Go from dull and lackluster to bouncy, vibrant and smooth. There's no other formula that packs such a delicious, transformative punch. Protect your glow.

    Regular Price: $110.00

    Special Price $89.99

  • ARWIN Phytocide Soap
    ♦ can relax your body and mind
    ♦ The skin won't be tight and dry after applying it.
    ♦ with soft and delicate foam.
    ♦ sooth your mind, present you the happy feeling.
    ♦ mild, suitable for sensitive skins.
    ♦ can be used for facial, body, or hair cleansing.
  • AquaLabel water through the white filter net whitening essence
    Combination of "lotion", "convergence", "lotion", "essence", whitening four-in-one all-in-one whitening essence.
  • Beauty Maker Tranexamic Acid Whitening Pressed Powder SPF50- White
    This makeup also has Tranexamic Acid 2.2% to enhance brightness and vitamin C to enhance the brightness of your skin.
  • Bio-essence BIO-BOUNCE Collagen Cleanser
    With Bio-Energy ComplexTM to energize and revitalize skin after wash.
    Nourishing formula with Bird’s Nest Extract and Hydrolyzed Collagen keeps skin moisturized and bouncy, without any tightness on the skin.
    Contains whitening peptides to for a fresh, fair-looking skin after wash.
  • Bio-essence BIO-BOUNCE Collagen Essence
    • • Infused with Bio Energy ComplexTM to boost delivery and absorption of nourishment and collagen to the skin to keep skin moisturized and supple

      • Replenish collagen and moisturizes skin to keep skin bouncy and supple

      • With whitening peptides to help reduce skin dullness, for a fairer complexion

      • Non-sticky formula

  • Bio-essence BIO-BOUNCE Collagen Essence Cream

    豐厚綿密乳霜質地 清爽不黏膩,深度保濕肌膚,維持肌膚彈性

  • Bio-essence BIO-BOUNCE Collagen Night Mask
    "Bio-Bounce Collagen Night Mask intensely moisturizes and replenishes collagen which skin lost over the day, maintaining skin’s bouncy touch the next morning! PRODUCT EFFICACIES: 1. Infused with Bio Energy ComplexTM to boost delivery and absorption of nourishment and collagen to the skin for optimal skin renewal over the night 2. With unique memory-gel texture and rich in Bird’s Nest Extract and Hydrolyzed Collagen, to replenish skin with the required nutrients to keep skin constantly moisturized and bouncy 3. Contains whitening peptides to help maintain a fair-looking skin
  • Bio-essence BIO-BOUNCE Collagen Set

    ◆BIO-BOUNCE / BIO膠原彈潤系列 (燕窩胜月太系列新升級)

    Regular Price: $127.95

    Special Price $114.99

  • Bio-essence BIO-BOUNCE Collagen Skin Enhancer


    ◆08/08-08/08/2019 Summer Sale◆
    Bio-essence all products 10% OFF(Discounts do not include sets)

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