Nourish your liver before it’s too late! A good liver can bring heat to the whole body

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that people should follow the five elements of yin and yang to maintain good health. According to the theory of Chinese medicine, spring is wood, which is the season of growth of all things, and liver is also wood, and the human body, like the natural world, is becoming more and more yang. Therefore, the principle of nourishing the liver is the first priority, and nourishing the liver includes not only the liver, but also the liver meridian, and even the concept of the five elements will be combined with the functions of the five systems, to regulate the function of the entire system when treating disease, in order to treat the symptoms and cure the root cause.

The era of spiritual learning is coming, and we live with our eyes and brains every day.

Modern people are in great need of liver health care! Chinese medicine doctor  Lee Sheng-Pu pointed out that he has been practicing for decades and has seen many diseases related to the liver. Dr. Lee predicted 30 years ago that the era of ” spiritual learning ” would come, everyone will use their eyes and brains to run their lives, and this requires a good liver. He stressed that if the liver is not good, it will not be able to make nutrition to the brain, so no brain power, it is easy to spleen, a book will doze off, incompetent, all kinds of ability to catch up with society, and will have depression can not open, no innovative ability, the end of the world; even menstrual pain, headaches, eye soreness, are related to the liver, because the liver is good to have the ability to push the new, if the liver is good, it is like spring is full of vitality, can have the energy to push the new. If the liver is good, it is like the spring is full of vitality and can have the breath of renewal, and can live on and on.

The liver is the officer of the general, and it is the source of all considerations.

Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu further explained that the liver is the general’s gate, planning out; liver is not only a symbol of physical ability, but also a symbol of planning, so inventors, computer programming or building a house, all need to have a good liver to be a good leader, because the liver is good, you can generate new ideas, new concepts and plans, new day, do new people, will have good topics and poetry, in work and life, can be because of a good liver If you can’t think of new ideas, it means you have a bad liver.

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Fatty liver and like to eat cold food related

The U.S. elementary school students have 10% fatty liver, and obese elementary school students have 40% fatty liver, Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu pointed out, and this is related to the American people like to eat cold food. Because the enzyme group in the decomposition of food nutrition, will be through the gastrointestinal bacteria decomposition, sent to the liver into nanosized small molecules, and then to the whole body tissue; If it is cold food, nutrition molecules because of the cold and will condense into coarse molecules, in the liver can not be decomposed, sent to the tissue will not be absorbed, so will make the nutrient accumulation, and then lead to cell obesity, and may even produce lipoma. And also will make the human body because can’t absorb the nutrition to burn into physical strength, and appear love to sleep, don’t want to exercise, no strength, and cause the vicious cycle of obesity.

When lacking the ability to take care of the liver

The modern people have forty waist and fifty shoulders at a young age, and have to use waist and knee protection, which are also related to the poor liver. Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu said, the liver is a wood, and this is also related to the explosive force of the tendons and joints, if the liver is good, then standing, running, jumping will not feel heavy, is a good sign. The liver does not need to be maintained only when it is sick, but when it lacks the ability to do so. It is because the liver can only produce nutrients through the high decomposition of enzymes, and then it can produce heat, just like the heat under the ground, which grows upward. If the liver is good, then the whole body will have power, and life will have infinite regenerative power, all because the liver can detoxify and detoxify, helping the liver to have vitality and resume normal life.

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