If you are suffering from muscle soreness, don’t take it too lightly as small problems can cause big problems! Many people experience soreness and pain here and there, especially when the weather gets colder, or after exercising. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that if you don’t feel pain, you will feel pain. According to Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu, a TCM doctor who is well versed in the art of health, the key point is the spleen and stomach!

Muscle soreness and pain is the result of the body’s poor heat dissipation mechanism, which is caused by poor gastrointestinal function

Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu said that the body has been radiating heat inside. If a person’s body heat cannot dissipate, the temperature outside, as well as the wind, cold and humidity will invade the body and cause rheumatism, resulting in muscle soreness and pain. Therefore, rheumatism means that the body’s heat dissipation mechanism has deteriorated, and the main reason for the deterioration of the body’s heat dissipation mechanism is also due to the preexisting poor gastrointestinal function, poor nutritional fermentation, the body does not have enough heat to dissipate heat.

If the fire of the five elements does not fall, the soil of the spleen and stomach is not good.

Dr. Lee explained that Chinese medicine emphasizes the five elements of health, the stomach, intestines, spleen and spleen belong to the middle earth, the blood circulation center of the heart is fire, fire generates earth, earth generates metal, metal generates water, water generates wood, wood generates fire, and the five elements are in constant motion. However, people are now laboring, no labor, busy during the day, at night still worry, unable to rest, so that the heart fire can not descend to the spleen and stomach, it is not fire generates earth, resulting in modern people’s intestines and stomachs will be bad, there is acid reflux and stomach problems many people; therefore, the heat generated will not be enough to resist weather changes, not only easy to catch a cold, but also very easy to have headaches, muscle pain, slow recovery from fatigue, because the body gas emitted The rate of recovery is slow and inadequate, and the circulation of body fluids is not warm enough, so the stiffness and tense muscles cannot be relieved, the recovery of strength is delayed, and the disease is younger.

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Only by keeping the mind and soul intact can fire produce earth.

Dr. Lee’s analysis is that if fire does not produce earth, in order for the enzymes in the gastrointestinal tract to work, there must be time every day for the heart to return to the gastrointestinal tract so that the fire can produce earth and the gastrointestinal tract can reproduce a strong body qi to circulate warm fluids between the muscles. As for how does qi come about? Dr. Lee stressed that we must know how to keep our mind and body in a state of constant concentration for three to four hours a day, and keep our mind and body in a state of constant concentration; otherwise, if our mind cannot keep its concentration, our qi will be weak, resulting in incomplete digestion and incomplete decomposition of nutrients into calories, and the body will deteriorate slowly. Once a person’s body deteriorates, it is very difficult to recover!

Let your mind go to its roots every day to avoid muscle soreness and pain!

So, muscle soreness is the problem of body qi, and diet is also very important; Dr. Li Shenpu said, now people love to drink cold drinks, the temperature suddenly drops, the heart can not be loaded, the heart cramps, it is easy to die suddenly. Therefore, the body’s qi cannot leave the spirit, and the stomach and intestines absorb and decompose it to produce heat, so we need the heart to have inexhaustible energy, but we need to let the brain rest, and don’t forget to let the heart and spirit return to their roots every day, so that we can get inexhaustible energy forever, and no muscle pain. Therefore, it is important to know how to maintain your body’s qi so that you don’t get too much rest, which may lead to muscle pain.

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Originally from: Healthnews.com.tw
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