Lower yuan energy enough not afraid of incontinence

Since ancient times, one of the ways for Chinese people to maintain their health is to nourish their kidneys. In fact, some people value the effect of kidney supplementation, while others doubt whether Chinese medicine for kidney supplementation has such good help. According to Dr. Sheng-Pu Lee, a Chinese medicine practitioner, this is an accumulated knowledge over thousands of years, and the kidney tonics in Chinese medicine are directly related to warming the bladder and tonifying the lower yuan. The reason why many people are so frightened about kidney deficiency is because in Chinese medicine, the kidney is related to reproduction and focuses on the real life energy, so once the signs of urinary incontinence appear, remedial measures should be taken.

The ability of the bladder is also related to age, there are many people who focus on urination and do not hold it in, as soon as the urge to urinate to go to the toilet, Chinese medicine focuses on the so-called Dantian Yuanqi, like the ancient principle of alchemy is the water into water vapor, the process of cooking medicine is in the alchemy, if the water has heat will be stretched. Li Shenpu said that the bladder can be seen as a bag, the so-called solar meridian in Chinese medicine, carefully said the foot solar bladder meridian, representing the sun has so much energy. The bladder can hold 2,000-3,000 cc of urine, even if the bladder is full, a healthy person can still run without leaking, but for unhealthy people, there is a distinct difference in feeling.

Dr. Sheng-Pu Lee pointed out that in Chinese medicine, there is a term called xiaoyuan deficiency cold, xiaoyuan refers to the lower dantian, bladder, genitals, anus, which is where the body’s energy is gathered. The water in the bladder is like alchemy that has been evaporating, and the kidneys will filter the bad material into urine, and this energy will push upward to help the blood flow back to the heart. Many people think that once they have urine, they should immediately go to relieve it, but doing this for a long time will only make the bladder capacity smaller and smaller, and after the age of 40 or 50, the bladder will become more and more weak, leading to atrophy, and once the bladder is atrophied, the condition of deficient cold in the lower yuan will come out.

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 The deficiency of cold in the lower yuan will first reduce the water in the blood, mostly affecting the sciatic nerve and weakness of the bladder, and will often lead to thoughts of going to the bathroom. It is not good for the body. If you find yourself peeing only 300 or 500 cc’s each time, it is best to start practicing holding back a little bit and start walking when you have the urge to pee, walking two or three kilometers to give the water a chance to turn into gas and to support the bladder a little bit. Proper exercise can also make the bladder more flexible and bigger.

Chinese medicine training to increase the energy of the lower yuan can make the bladder bigger and more powerful to hold urine, Dr. Sheng-Pu Lee believes that bladder training is very important. However, if you find that your bladder is already quite weak, or that your urethra becomes inflamed after a little exercise, or that you become incontinent after a sneeze or a jump, these are more serious conditions and you should seek intensive professional treatment.

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Originally from: Health Chinese Times
Health Chinese Times/ Reporter Zhao Xin 2009.02.12

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