Love to eat barbecue easy constipation hemorrhoids on the body how to do?

Do you love to eat barbecue? You have to be careful, eating too much barbecue is easy to constipation, and even hemorrhoids will follow you! Since barbecue ingredients are mostly meat, if you don’t eat enough vegetables and fruits, you will easily get constipated, and if you have constipation for a long time, it will lead to hemorrhoids, plus the cooking method of barbecue food is prone to carcinogens, so you have to pay special attention.

Emotional stress can also lead to constipation

Dr. Sheng-Pu Lee said that constipation is not only caused by eating barbecue food, many people are related to emotional tension, such as recruits in training, because of the constraints of human tension, often constipation; Therefore, to get rid of constipation, in addition to eating less barbecue, we must remind themselves not to stress, relaxed, relaxed spirit, so that the bowel movement is natural, will not be constipated.

In order to prove that tension is related to gastrointestinal digestion, there was an animal experiment, Dr. Sheng-Pu Lee pointed out that researchers to electromyography monitoring of the dog’s gastrointestinal, the results found that if the food in front of the animal’s eyes, the gastrointestinal peristalsis, bile secretion, electromyography will move; if a stick in front of its eyes as a gesture to hit it, the gastrointestinal nerve is not moving, electromyography is flat wave. This shows that when the animal is facing the stick, the gastrointestinal muscles will be tense under the emotion of tension.

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In fact, the intestines are like the human brain, Dr. Sheng-Pu Lee further pointed out that there are many adjectives in Chinese to represent the viscera, such as tugging at the intestines, narrow-minded, worried, is to illustrate the emotions are related to the viscera, but also explains that constipation is caused by tension, when people are nervous, hands and feet will be cold, shaking, cold sweat, all because the brain is tense, the intestines will also follow the tension caused by.

Prevention: eat more vegetables and fruits + do not strain during bowel movements

Therefore, Dr. Sheng-Pu Lee stressed that to prevent constipation and hemorrhoids, to eat more vegetables and fruits, the ratio of fish and vegetables should be 4 to 6, so that there is enough water and fiber in the gastrointestinal tract, otherwise if there is not much fiber and not enough water, the stool in the rectum will be easy to constipation; and do not be nervous when defecating, do not rush to finish the stool, to slowly defecate to avoid hemorrhoids on the body.

Dr. Sheng-Pu Lee explained that the reason is that too much force in the anus, so that the pressure on the blood vessels in the anus, hemorrhoids swelling is not easy to eliminate; and in taking drugs to eliminate hemorrhoids and bowel movements, in addition to not eat spicy and hot barbecue food, and should eat more fruits and vegetables. In particular, hemorrhoids can make people feel unclean, but do not keep running to the toilet, you can flush the anus after defecation, and the anus will not bleed, and the hemorrhoids will disappear naturally.

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