The liver vein, upper meridians, lower meridians, genitalia, uterus and liver health are closely related to each other.

After the age of 35 (Female are born in seven, the first seven days of life, the second seven days of life, the third seven days of perfect maturity, the fourth seven days of vigor, and the fifth seven days of life) A period of testing of physical strength.


Diseases of the uterus and ovaries are also caused by the poor function of the liver, which is unable to remove toxins and thus toxins remain in the uterus and ovaries and cannot be excreted from the body.

Once the uterus is removed due to disease, the liver will easily become fatigued and develop dark spots or cause sexual frigidity. Therefore, after hysterectomy, it is necessary to prevent the reappearance of accumulated toxins in the body, adjust the metabolism and balance the nutrition supply.


Don’t eat animal heads, legs, chili peppers and other stimulating foods.

If you are not healthy and do not take good care of yourself, you may have cervical erosion, chronic inflammation, cold sexual desire, back pain after intercourse or Dizziness, sore eyes, sore hands and feet on the next day, if not maintained, may cause uterine pathology and eventually removed. The liver is responsible for metabolism, providing menopausal stabilizing hormone, recovering from fatigue and enhancing recovery speed.

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