The liver is well metabolized and can indeed reduce the sensation of a swollen thyroid tumor or a phlegm-like pressure on the throat.

An enlarged thyroid gland is a disease of hypometabolism. Good metabolism of the liver can indeed reduce the enlargement of the thyroid gland or the phlegm-like feeling of pressure in the throat.

Thyroid enlargement, thyroidectomy

If, after the thyroid gland is removed for enlargement, you still have sore eyes, a feeling of pressure in your throat or the thyroid gland is re-expanded, it is necessary to eliminate the symptoms in your body. When toxicity accumulates, the above symptoms will not occur. Other mild tumors such as breast tumors, subcutaneous lipomas, or body irritation are often itchy due to food or environmental disorders. Rely on the liver to remove accumulated toxins from the body.


  • Do not eat duck meat, animal heads and feet, fried food, tobacco or alcohol
  • Be calm, don’t be anxious or angry
Take tonic for fear of dryness, take an antipyretic for fear of cold, weakness and inability to take tonic for body weakness.

People who are deficient in nourishment are afraid of cold and dryness, and have a special physique, so they cannot eat more nutrition, nor can they eat more fruits and vegetables. This is because the liver is weak and cannot regulate the dryness and coldness of food. Liver health in order to reconcile the transformation of food and drink disorders. Don’t think that this kind of health is trivial.


  • Reduce the amount of salty and oily foods.
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