"Obesity" refers to the inability of body fat to burn and oxidize, and the strong liver function that activates enzymes and energizes fat.

“Obesity” refers to the disease of middle-aged and elderly people in which body fat cannot be burned and oxidized, resulting in high blood fat and natural blood impulse. Gradual insufficiency. Difficulty in blood supply, causing the heart to increase pressure to improve circulation. Prolonged pressure is the cause of heart enlargement and the beginning of myocardial infarction and hardening of the blood vessels.

Obesity, high blood fat, unbearable fatigue, easy to asthma and heartbeat.

When the liver’s light energy is enhanced, enzymes are active, which encourage the energetic transformation of fat, so you can be energetic without long hours of sleep. When the liver’s enzymes are energized, the fatty enzymes become active and energetic, so that you can be energetic without having to sleep for a long time. People who have no success in everything. The nutrition you eat is not just stored as useless fat, but burned into mental and physical energy to accomplish the ideal, to achieve the real goal of weight loss! We are committed to creating a healthy career and a happy family.


  • Limit sweets, fats and greasy foods. Cold items will cause fat burning and decomposition problems.
  • Do not consume too much salt.
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